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Sep 1, 2012 02:49 AM

Best Cantonese Rest in San Gabriel Valley??

have heard that there are more good chinese rests in the Valley than anywhere else in America.

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  1. this will be opinionated. what are your tastes? what are you looking for?

    1. I'd vote for Sea Harbour and Elite. Dim sum is excellent. Both change over to (majority) seafood for dinner service, which is also excellent.

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          Let's not forget King Hua which attracted talent from Sea Harbour and has been more of a relatively unnoticed restaurant among these boards (although that doesn't mean Sundays aren't packed)

          1. re: Johnny L

            J. Gold just gave King Hua a glowing review on The Good Food radio show. He recommends: steamed shrimp and pea-tip dumplings; steamed rice noodle with chicken and bitter melon; chicken feet with angelica in meat broth; har gao; fried chicken knees with spicy salt and wolfberry gelatin.

            1. re: Johnny L

              We went to King Hua this AM by chance, and found the dim sum to be very good. The dining room was reminiscent of Sea Harbour, the service was very efficient and friendly enough, and the food was very good. The dishes we found memorable were the steamed rice noodles with pork and taro (we passed on the one with bitter melon and chicken - kids no go on bitter melon), the har gow and the shrimp/pork encased in glutenous rice (like mochi). I think we ordered 13-14 items and the total less tax/tip was under $70.

              I'd still rate Sea Harbour and Elite above King Hua, but at the same time, King Hua is no slouch...

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            1. If you're ok w/ very casual. Go to SinBala on Duarte and Baldwin. I go often enuf the waiter, Jason, knows me now. I always order the same thing, Fish Fry Rice. OMG! 7.40$ Other stuff yummy too.

              Park in lot of Phoenix Food Boutique then walk through parking area facing E over to the plaza where you'll find Sinbala. Sinbala is on the W side of plaza corner unit. After Sinbala, go to Phoenix food boutique and try some of their desserts. IE: mango roll, coffee custard, or the ever so yummy hot rice dessert soups. Not Catonese tho. SinBala is Tawainese. Had a good esperience at Full House on Duarte as well. @ Baldwin

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              1. re: Kitchen Queen

                Tasty Garden across the street from Sin Ba La might count as Cantonese.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Isn't that a Shanghainese spot? (I suspect my sarcasm meter might be off)

                  I think May Mei is the main Cantonese spot in that shopping center (and I think they are a very good Cantonese restaurant).

                  1. re: odub

                    Tasty Garden is Hong Kong style cafe. So I suppose by relation it is Cantonese.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Oops, I was thinking of Chang's Garden, across the center from Sinbala, which is Shanghainese.

                      Our people and all their damn "Gardens"!

                2. re: Kitchen Queen

                  SinBala is Cantonese? I thought it was Taiwanese?

                  1. re: odub

                    Kitchen Queen did say "Not Catonese tho. SinBala is Tawainese."

                    1. re: PeterCC

                      Ah, missed that note. An odd inclusion though. It's like asking for Italian restaurants and having someone suggest a Spanish tapas place.

                3. It depends on the type of Cantonese restaurant you are looking for: seafood, dim sum, noodles, Hong Kong, Chiu Chow, etc.? Are there any particular dishes that you are looking for?