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Aug 31, 2012 11:33 PM

Best thin crust NON-NY Pizza in Tampa Bay

Everytime I search for the best thin crust pizza in Tampa Bay, I always get info on NY Pizza. For those not born in NY/PA, and NJ..... We find NY style Pizza gross. It's very oily, bad sauce, bad....skimpy cheese, and bad crust. Sorry.

I'm looking for a great Midwest pizza (like Pizza King/Sir Pizza). Even Donato's sounds good right about now. I'm not looking for deep dish Chicago....I'm looking for Indiana/Ohio/Missouri style. Thin crust, toppings and cheese to the very edge, cut in squares.

Is there any good pizza out there, or am I sentenced to a life of NY style grossness?!

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  1. Dude, you keep asking the same question and insulting the pizza most people around here like enough to recommend! Maybe the thing you're looking for doesn't exist?
    Btw, what they call pizza in the midwest is a cracker covered in thick cheese to my palate...

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    1. re: Miss E

      I hardly think I've asked the same question over and over. I asked once as part of a different thread and thought I would start my own because, as you can read from the last thread, when I asked for a great non-NY/non-Chicago thin crust pizza, I received recommendations for NY and Chicago style pizza. There are other pizzas out there, and while you might assume NY is great, a whole lot of us do not.

      I'm merely asking if anyone could recommend a great Midwest thin crust in the area that I might not be familiar with. Sir Pizza used to be in the area, but no longer exists. If something similar was around, I'd love to hear about it.

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        The one in my area that you would likely enjoy is Charlie and Millie's on Seminole Blvd 10953 Seminole Blvd Largo, FL 33778 (727) 391-5661. Their crust is nearly cracker thin. The pizza itself is circular, but cut in squares. Lots of cheese.

    2. At the risk of suggesting a chain place have you tried Jets Pizza? They make a very good thick crust pizza but my wife loves their thin crust pizzas. They cut into squares and they're definitely not ny style.

      1. My Father spent his first 30 years in St. Louis and misses the pizza he grew up with.

        He has been very pleased with Pinocchio's in Palm Harbor on US 19. They don't cut it in squares but they have a terrific thin, crispy crust. And the rest of the pizza is very nice too!

        1. Full Circle in New Tampa makes what they call authentic Chicago thin crust pizza.

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            James, thanks but I'm not looking for Chicago or NY thin crust pizza. I'm looking for something more like :