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Aug 31, 2012 10:20 PM

grand theft maple--millions of dollars of maple syrup stolen

see, now if i was a criminal mastermind... this is the type of heist i would set my minions on.

in all seriousness though, this is a fairly significant percentage of the global supply of maple syrup. what are these people's motives? with global warming threatening sugarbush throughout the northland... is there a black market for grade a amber? is someone stockpiling that sweet, sweet maple sugar as a sort of apocalypse currency, along with liquor, cigarettes, ak-47 ammo, and toilet paper? maybe just looking to support their own heavy waffle habit? and will the nefarious canadian crooks trip up while unloading their sweet stash, maybe get nabbed by the mounties, eh?

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  1. Weird.

    Expensive, but not particularly high-value, and blimming difficult to transport (especially without being noticed!)

    Makes one wonder if this isn't a CYA to cover the fact that they lost or damaged the inventory. Especially with the empty barrels? c'mon....who's going to spend the time to pump **maple syrup** into another container?!

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    1. Something fishy here. It would take 250 tractor trailers to move that quantity. How could that go unnoticed? At a minimum, they should be on the lookout for anyone buying suspiciously large quantities of pancake mix!

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      1. re: Veggo

        Yeah, there are some questions I'd ask about the numbers used in the story.

        "The 10 million pounds of syrup that was in the warehouse is worth more than $30 million, according to the federation statement."
        So one pound of syrup is "worth" $3. Is that retail, wholesale, cost of production, net, gross?

        “We know that it’s millions of dollars that was stolen,”
        So at least 333,333 pounds of syrup were stolen (to make at least one million dollars). Are these dollars the same as the dollars from above?

        To legally be syrup, it has to have a Bx reading of 66, so about 11 pounds per gallon (11.14), so it was at least 30,000 gallons. A large tanker truck can hold 6,000-9,000 gallons, so it could be as few as 3-4 tanker trucks to haul away $1 million in syrup.

        1. re: 2roadsdiverge

          But $30 million worth is missing. So 90-120 tankers. Long line. Also, trucks on US highways are limited to a gross weight of 80,000 lbs, so even your 90 tankers are way over legal weight. Tare weights of tractor - trailers and containers allow for about 43,000 lbs of cargo.

          1. re: Veggo

            Hmm, that's not how I read it.

            "Up to 10 million pounds of syrup was in the warehouse," and "The 10 million pounds of syrup that was in the warehouse is worth more than $30 million, according to the federation statement" BUT "Officials could not say exactly how much of the product was stolen,"

            I read that as saying the total capacity was 10M pounds ($30M) and some fraction of that was taken.

            In any event, it doesn't seem easy, or even really feasible.

            1. re: 2roadsdiverge

              Let's let Inspector Clouseau do a little more work on this one.

              1. re: Veggo

                He can team up with Dudley DoRight! :)

      2. I'm guessing this is the warehouse the empty barrels were stored. Someone has a serious case of CRS... I can't imagine Black-market maple syrup.

        1. Well, Quebec is what it is...

          Here is the Globe & Mail story:

          You can read it or ignore it as it's a rehash of soupkitten's reference, but don't pass up on the "Comments" where this paper's most astute and humorous items are always found. Along with the usual dross.

          However, I'm gobstruck along with other Canadians. My country actually has a, "strategic maple reserve" and as far as I know we have no other reserves for other staples.

          How does this reflect upon us I wonder?

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          1. re: DockPotato

            I'm kind of glad to see that the overwhelming majority of commenters agree that there is something very, very fishy about this story.

            From "strategic reserves" (of maple syrup? How stupid do you really think we all are?) to the sheer quantity and value of this....

            ....nope. Not buying.

            But now that the public statement has been made, the insurance companies will have to pay out, and because holymutheruvgawd, 8% of the annual production has GONE MISSING, so supply and demand dictates that well we CAN'T just drop the price!

            yadda, yadda, yadda....

            1. re: sunshine842

              The reserve, BTW, is not held by the country, it is held by the maple syrup producers.

              1. re: dbrodbeck

                but it's only a "strategic" reserve when it comes to controlling the price.

                1. re: sunshine842

                  Yes that seems to be what it is for.

              2. re: sunshine842

                Sunshine here is an earlier Globe article on the actual reserve itself.


                As the citations of others here attest, our "strategic reserves" really do exist.

                The new Canadian message to the rest of the world?... "Make pancakes, not love."

                1. re: DockPotato

                  I didn't doubt that the reserves exist...I said that they exist only as a mechanism with which to control the market price.

                  I believe 'cartel' might be an appropriate word.

                  Call it an "industry reserve" even...but calling it a "strategic" reserve implies an importance that simply doesn't exist.

              3. re: DockPotato

                Interesting DockP, there was a beehive heist reported in July in the Globe & Mail.

                and weren't maple syrup producers already concerned about this year's warmer weather conditions and anticipated financial hit...holding a commodity hostage...perhaps ?

                1. re: DockPotato


                  Int'l Maple Syrup Institute thru reflects on all producers.

                2. Somebody has sticky fingers.