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Aug 31, 2012 08:34 PM

Upscale dining with child?

My husband and I are planning on a stop in Atlanta during our vacation. We will be staying in Buckhead. We would like to find a nice upscale restaurant that wont make us feel uncomfortable for having our 1 1/2 year old daughter with us. My husband is a chef at a fine dining restaurant and we understand that not all places are willing or able to accommodate young ones. She wouldn't need special menu requests or anything. Any recommendations?

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  1. In Buckhead, I've seen young people in Aria (with earlier reservations).
    At Empire State South you can sit outside and be fine.

    1. Priccis also have had young children when I've been there

      1. Some of the Buckhead Life Group restaurants are pretty kid-friendly (I have a 2-yr old). Fish Market is nice because the noise level of such a large place means you don't worry if your kid makes noise. Buckhead Diner would work too. I've also taken my son to Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge Rd, which is old school Italian, and they were great with him.

        1. I find that the Ritz-Carlton is very accommodating to and does a great job of making those with young children feel comfortable and welcomed.