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Aug 31, 2012 07:39 PM

Finest Italian--Graziella or Da Emma?

Looking for the finest Italian in Montreal. Graziella I have been to, it was impressive! Never eaten at Da Emma. What say you? Any others I should be considering?


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  1. I'll add, Primo & Secondo or Da Emma? Anyone been to PS lately? Can't find too many recent reviews on it from the past few months. My partner can be slightly picky so not sure it would be as good of a fit as what I gather Da Emma offers on their menu.

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    1. re: JerkPork

      Here is a recent review of Primo and Secondo
      The blogger raves about it, but I must admit the food doesn't grab me from those photos. I went to Italy earlier this year for the first time and would love to be able to find truly great Italian food here but I have only been disappointed.

    2. I loved Osteria Venti. Maybe not as fancy as the other two, but very good food!

      1. Finally went to Da Emma last night. It was a business dinner, and absolutely unbelievable! For a Monday night, it was almost packed--that speaks volumes! I will be back. BTW, compared to Graziella, totally different ambiance, and I found the food to be even more traditional and 'old country' than Graziella. But I would recommend both without hesitation. Beliisimo!

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          Agreed remdog, we chose Da Emma this past weekend and it was a big hit. Their pastas are top notch, those meat raviolis are a must, suckling pig is perfectly done and what can you say about the tiramisu. I was skeptical after reading quite a few negative reviews on some other sites, can't figure out what one can't enjoy there. Very straightforward items but clearly done to utter perfection. Obviously not a weekly destination for the average person (due to the $$$$$) but a great special occasion and expense account spot.