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Aug 31, 2012 07:28 PM

Pig Tails?

I was working the Capital Area Food Bank this morning doing "product recovery" and I noticed a fair amount of pork tails come through the line. They came from a local HEB. I work there a lot doing various jobs and have never seen pig tails. And I shop a lot of HEB's from Parmer to Slaughter and have never seen pig tails on sale. Worst of all, they were marked down half price to under $1/lb, which really bummed me out.- I would have bought them all.

I've heard that people have had at least moderate success with smoking tails (as in BBQ ). And It's something I've never tried, so it's on my "must have" menu for this weekend. And besides, they're really cool looking :-)

So what H-E-B's carry pork tails?


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  1. Off topic, but I was at the food bank yesterday making a donation. I wonder if I saw you. What about the HEB on E. Riverside? I used to see all sorts of things there when I was in college.

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      Unless your were the elderly lady that I helped unload her 5 Hefty bags of adult diapers, I didn't see you :-) There was one small plastic bag in the donation box this morning - that was mine, otherwise it was empty. So you must have come after me at 10:35. Then I sorted some meat (where did they get stuff from Kroger?!!?) , then hung out at the front desk for a few minutes around noon, did some data entry upstairs, and then sorted dry goods most of the afternoon.

      I visited Riverside 2 weeks ago and didn't see any pig extremities. Picked up some sweetbreads, but that was about it for offal. Riverside has gotten more upscale since the remodel. They still carry the "Value Beef", but it's gotten much better there. The tails are probably hiding at one of the third-world H-E-B's like 7th/PV, Springdale, or Rundberg. But worst case I'll wait for HEB to answer my email on Tuesday. I stopped at the 1st/WC HEB last night - first time since they "remodeled" that one and it's still as ugly and limited as it was 2 years ago.


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        I came in after 4 pm with a load of baby food and formula.

        I was just at the 2222/koenig HEB and they were carrying pig "hooves'" or feet or something like that. It was in a vac pak. I picked up some $3 lamb ribs - they're roasting right now for a late lunch.

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          The HEB in the Hancock shopping center has them. They have a lovely selection of odd cuts of pork and beef that I've been making my way through. Neck, jowls, tail, tongue. I braised the pig tails in balsamic vinegar in the pressure cooker in the style of the Purple Pig in Chicago, where they have a great version. Some bites of the tail were a little dry but overall they were unctuous and meaty (and dirt cheap).

          1. re: abd

            Cool, thanks. I'll try and hit them up tomorrow. That would have been the last place I would have expected them. Then again, they're the only HEB that sells those awful "machitos", too (sheep and lamb offal wrapped in intestines)

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              Got 'em. Thanks. Not exactly cheap at $2/lb, so I just got one package for now. I made a note of the date they expire so I can go back and get them half price that day (just as I do with the lmburger at Spec's ;-)

              I also saw "pork belly skins". Looks like pork bacon with a thin bone on the underside and some rib cartilage. I wonder if they were mismarked? There was no visible skin. $1.50/lb is cheper than whole pork bellies at Restaurant Depot or anywhere else I've seen.

              They also had beef navel, but it was thin sliced rather than whole. And it looks like they get them from San Antonio pre-sliced like that but there was nobody hanging around to ask about them.

              These are all items I don't usually see at other HEB's Hancock H-E-B is now on my way to/from work (bus goes right through the parking lot), so I'll have plenty of opportunities to try the array of oddities.


        2. I saw them today at Hope Farmers Market, $2 each!!

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            Ouch. I'll grow my own tail and eat it before I pay $2/each :-)