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Aug 31, 2012 06:16 PM

Need to find the Best Pistachio Gelato in NYC

this is an emergency.
our Italian friends are coming and we don't know where we can get the BEST PISTACHIO GELATO in NYC.

Any idea?? Please.
Thanks a lot

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  1. Grom or L'arte de Gelato, I've heard good things about Eataly's as well. But you might want to avoid Italian chains in this instance.

      1. re: clareandromeda

        It just doesn't make sense to send Italians to Grom, you know?

        Maybe they'll be better off trying some frozen yogurt at Victory Garden while they're here.

        1. re: clareandromeda

          I had the Tiramisu gelato at the L'Arte in Chelsea Market, and it was complete weaksauce. Disappointing. I haven't tried their fruit flavors, and hopefully those are better. The chocolates and nuts flavors are good, but my impression is that those kinds of ingredients are hard to screw up anyways.

        2. what about the gelato laboratory on houston

          1. My new, maybe favorite gelato place is called Gelato Ti Amo. On 2nd Avenue south of 4th Street (east side of street). The owner is from Arezzo, and their pistachio rocks it. Last night we tried the bacio and coffee - wow.

            Another favorite has always been Il Lab, for some of their unique flavors (black mission fig) as well as the classics, but strangely, I don't love their pistachio.

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            1. re: mitchleeny

              My girlfriend and I went there yesterday. Their dark chocolate gelato is great and their coconut gelato is also excellent. Not all the flavors we had samples of seemed equally good, but it is certainly a promising place, and I will definitely try their pistachio on another visit.

              However, I don't really understand the point in taking Italian visitors for gelato unless they've been away from Italy for a long time. Wouldn't it make more sense to showcase American desserts, like New York cheesecake?

              1. re: Pan

                I think you take Italian visitors for gelato, but not for the gelato that is basically the same they can get in their own country; that is, as Kathryn notes above, not to Grom.

                But Il Lab, L'Arte, Gelato Ti Amo, etc. are fine for the visitor. That way they can taste American made gelati.

                Besides, most NY Cheesecake just isn't that good. A great apple pie, on the other hand...

                1. re: mitchleeny

                  So you don't take them to "most NY cheesecake," only for the very best.

                  Gelato Ti Amo is a branch of a gelateria in Arezzo, so if the point is not to take Italian visitors to a gelateria that's the same as they can get in Italy, I don't see why you'd take them there.

                  I like Il Laboratorio di Gelato, but I think it would compare unfavorably with the best class of gelaterie in any Italian town. With the caveat that I haven't tried their product for a few months at least, their consistency can be too icy.

                  1. re: Pan

                    What exactly is it about authentic gelato that American stores can't seem to get right? Is it because of ferociously guarded recipes that outsiders aren't privy to? Ingredients e.g. type of milk is different in Italy? Or cultural distortions e.g. like how Chinese-American food is a stretch from actual Chinese food, and rather is adapted to American tastes? One would think that gelato isn't that difficult to make. I love gelato and I'm curious what the answer is.

                    1. re: Pan

                      While Gelato Ti Amo is a branch of a small Italian "chain," you'd still have to be an Italian living in Arezzo, Cortona or Siena to get it. So by all means don't take your Italian friends there if they're from any of the above cities. However, if you're taking them to Grom, make sure they're not from one of 3 dozen cities Grom operates in, which will indeed make your job more difficult.

                      I have never found the freshly scooped gelato from Il Lab to be icy at all - certainly not the 2 scoops I had last week after lunch at Mission (with a couple of Italians, by the way). Nor the week before, by myself. If you're buying it in stores, or taking it home in containers, than ymmv.

                      I also think the best NY cheesecake may only be available via Proust, though I think Gelato Ti Amo has a cheesecake gelato that you might want to try.

                      1. re: mitchleeny

                        I will try it, but I still think it's pretty silly to get what you can get great examples of in your home country, while you're in a foreign country. It's OK that you disagree, but never would I look for New York pizza, for example, in Paris. Unless I had been there continuously for 2 years and was having cravings.

              2. Being Italian I strongly recommend L'arte del gelato..
                I heard good things about Gelato Ti Amo as well but I've never been there..
                Not a big fan of Grom.. It's good, it's consistent, but I don't know why I'd always rather walk one block further and stop at l'arte del gelato..