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Aug 31, 2012 06:10 PM

lost recipe: Williams-Sonoma "Soup" cookbook

I was all set to prepare a soup I've been craving but I seem to have lost the cookbook in a move and it's been years since I made it. It's from the small Williams Sonoma "Soup" cookbook.

Does anyone have that recipe for cabbage soup? It's the one where the cabbage is simmered in whole milk. It was so simple but such a perfect flavor. I can't remember whether cabbage and onions were sauteed, etc.

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  1. Do you know how old the cookbook is? I have a friend who is a manager @ Williams Sonoma and has been there nearly 20 years. She may have the cookbook if I can provide her with a little more info.l

    1. I've got the Williams Sonoma Soup book that they publshed in 2001. The only two recipes that contain cabbage are the Chicken Minestrone with Orzo and the Hearty Beet Borscht with Beef and Cabbage. Neither sounds like the one you are looking for, but if one is, I'd be happy to type out the recipe for you.

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        1. I couldn't find a Williams-Sonoma cabbage soup with milk, but I did find one here that is simple and may at least come close to what you were craving. The cabbage is not simmered in the milk in this version, but you might remember enough of your original to adapt this one...

          It sounds like something I would like, so I've bookmarked it for myself.

          1. Check out this ebay link. Do any of these books look like the one you had?


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              I too, have the 2001 edition and I could not find the recipe for cabbage soup. The library might be a good place to look for the older edition????