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Aug 31, 2012 05:55 PM

Offal? Where?

I'm looking to make myself A nice ye olde English steak and kidney pie and I'm trying to track down some kidneys, ideally beef, but lamb will work. Where the hell will I find this in Austin. I've tried central market and wholefoods, the meat house in Westlake.

There are a few other butchers, but are any going to carry kidney or shall I just turn my hand to a steak pie? Any ideas?

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  1. You might have luck with DaiDue, or maybe be able to find someone through them. I expect you'll have to talk to them and talk about them prepping something for you (ie not walk up and get 'em)

    [by the way - I've never done more business with them than by charcuterie - which has been great... let us know what you find]

    1. I'm sure but for doing the legwork myself that you could find something that'll work for you through the farmers market (downtown would be the ideal place to start). There are plenty of purveyors including Loncito's lamb and Thunderheart bison.

      Failing that, you may want to try Longhorn Meats on east MLK. I can't guarantee you'll find what you want there, but you might. You might also check with local halal markets. There are plenty in the N. Lamar/Rundberg area.

      1. You might need to resort to Welsh Rarebit!

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          It may come down to that rudeboy. I just can't believe meat sections the size of wholefoods and central market have nothing. Thanks for the suggestions. Ill just have to plan ahead I guess.

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            OK - verified two hours ago: beef kidneys at HEB 2222/Burnet. I made it a point to look on the basis of your request. There were several packages. I took the last pak of lamb ribs, though.

        2. I'd think that you could maaaaybe find them at HEB (they usually have quite a bit interesting animal parts in the floor coolers at the Oltorf location), but I'd be very, very surprised if you couldn't find them at Fiesta. Have you checked out either of those?

          Also, WF is good about ordering stuff - might be worth asking the meat dept just to see what they say.

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            PS please report back if you do find em. I also would love to know where to buy sweetbreads - I've always wanted to try cooking them myself.

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              Again, I consistently see sweetbreads at 2222/Koenig HEB. They're not there all the time, though. They weren't there today.

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                Rudeboy, you are a prince amongst men. The steak and kidney pie lives!!!

                1. re: Rarebit

                  Enjoy! I finished off the lamb ribs at about 4 AM - round 2 with round 1 being late lunch yesterday.

          2. Some of the butcher shops in town may be able procure this kind of thing if they don't have it. Give Johnny G's or Long Horn Meat a call. Generally, you'll have better luck at local ethnic markets - try a carniceria in your neighborhood, or an Asian grocery.