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Aug 31, 2012 04:34 PM

Cape wine store?

Luke's isn't cutting it. Any other wine shops out there (mid Cape) for wine selections and knowledgeable wine stewards? Some of our faves aren't sold by Luke's.

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  1. Luke's in W. Yarmouth has one of the largest inventories on Cape. Yarmouth Liquors in the Stop and Shop plaza on Union St./Station Ave is pretty good too. The Brown Jug in Sandwich center has some unique bottles.

    1. I frequent Harney's at Ring Brothers and Luke's in Brewster and Harwich. If Luke's does not have what I like, they order for me happily. I just ordered 3 bottles of Mar Soleil Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. What a wine...

      1. How about The Epicure on Main St. in Chatham?

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          The Epicure is no longer on Main St in downtown Chatham. It is a preppy clothing store now. Unless I am mistaken and the Epi is still in business, but moved.

          Not really "mid-Cape", but Town Center on Rt 6 in Eastham is a great wine shop. Knowledgable and wine-passionate owners are always there.

        2. Not in the mid-Cape area, but we like Orleans Wine & Spirits. They will happily order for you as well. They are strong on French wines and have a good Italian selection too.

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            My friend raves about the new Northside Liquors on Rt. 134 and 6 A in Dennis x Lost Dog Pub.

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              Thanks everyone. We won't be parched while on the Cape.

              Off topic - thanks to CCG, Phelena, and the others for restaurant recommendations. We've enjoyed Fin, Alberto's (with the dog), Lyric, carry out from Pizza Barbone and Beech Tree Cantina this time. Any we've missed that we should try?

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                Sesuit Cafe BYOB down the road from Northside Liquors, Harvest Wine Bar for music and Tapas and raw bar and Ocean House for dinner or bar dining OR the Tiki Hut outside for lunch or before 8:30 PM eats. OH is in Dennisport, the rest in Dennis. Enjoy!!

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                  Thank you CCG, Phelena and others again for all the recommendations - you never let us down. We went to Pizza Barbone one more time - not disappointed. Pizza with broccoli rabe - perfect. The crust is chewy and a tad crispy from the wood fired oven, and flavored perfectly. Did I mention the excellent pour of wine? Quite generous.
                  Finally made it to Ocean House. OMG! Amazing. We got the small plates - many many of the small plates. Delicious. Service was professional (a lost art) - nothing makes or breaks a meal faster than the service. Service perfect. View perfect. Food beyond perfect. I believe the chef has ventured in to French Laundry zone without being ridiculous about it.
                  Thank goodness both are opened in the off season. We will visit both in October and November. Ocean House has a New Year's eve event - very tempting to make the trek North again for the event.

            2. Mid Cape is pretty big - if that includes Cotuit, then Cotuit Liquors on Rte 28 has a good selection of wines that you usually see only in restaurants. Danny, the owner, has steered me to good bottles at both ends of the price spectrum. Not sure about other staff -- I always luck out and go there when the owner is in.