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Aug 31, 2012 04:05 PM

Of wok and green onions.

The Wok and the Negi are stir fry companions.

One is hard steel, with hot sheen and its smoke.
One is more gentle yet pungent as curls it unfurls.

Seeming as combat of metal and vegetable
The process of Stir-Fry reveals.

Those beauty of green onions
Sliced and fried to their curling
Are best done alone
Then added at moment of their best accent.

The Japanese name them as Negi.
Some call them Scallions, others Green Onions.
Their beauty both touch and their eye appeal.

To master the Wok
one must ask of the Negi
to take this quick journey.

Question to Chowhounders:
How do you treat them?

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    1. I must have clicked on the philosphy thread.

      1. Ah, Fuser, it's good to see you back. I thought it a while since I've had a chance to enjoy your musings. Well done!

        As to the topic at hand, I like to use two inch chunks of the scallions in with the cook, but then adorn my plate with lots of super-thinly sliced pieces of the green.

        For a more delightful twist, try taking a five or six inch stalk, cross cut the white end, dredge it in flour seasoned with ground chiles and salt, and "deep" fry it in a couple of inches of oil (or, even better, lard) in your wok. So, so, so good. (Tempura or beer batter works as well, but I prefer the seasoned flour - never tried the flour-egg-breadcrumb thing on these, but, perhaps I should!)

        1. I don't use them in a stir fry as often anymore, typically I just slice them nice and thin and put them on top of some tofu with a little bit of ginger and yuzu ponzu and I am a happy camper. Also love them sliced thin on most anything, udon, soba, etc. If I do put them in stir fry, love to first put in some garlic, let it start to brown, toss in some sliced pork belly, add some shimeji mushrooms, and then a bunch of chives and a bunch of negi sliced in 2-3cm pieces and sautee till wilted. Splash in a little sesame oil and soy sauce and call it a day. I am not intoxicated enough to try to answer in prose.