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Aug 31, 2012 02:47 PM

CinTom's Frozen Custard, Asheville

My new job takes me by the place every weekday on my way home. Sometimes the parking lot is completely empty. Sometimes it's completely full. Seems to vary according what flavor is advertised on the sign. (Apple-Cinnamon was a BIG hit.) So, Hounds: Any good? And do they really only have ONE flavor a day?

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  1. IT's GOOOOOD! At least the one time I was there, it was. It shares, or at least did share, space with a little mom and pop Punjabi restaurant called MIRCH MASALA. Weird set-up, but they seem to be friends and making the most of the space. I would highly recommend both the custard and the curry! I hope Mirch MAsala is still there...I don't get out to that part of town often enough to know for sure. :(

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    1. re: dingey

      Not sure about the Indian place, but the custard place is going strong. Guess I'll have to try it for the (Chowhound) team. <winky>

    2. It's been on my son's radar for about a month. I don't know anything about custard and may not have ever had it before, so I can't really compare. Very kid friendly decor and the custard is made in-house by the owners. Tastes good to me and they seem to sell a fair amount of pints to go.

      They will be switching to winter hours soon- Fri-Sun.

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        1. re: Jeff C.

          Let me know if you go and if Mirch MAsala is still operating out of there! Super nice people at the custard place, too, and it is delicious. Like Arushmij, though, I don't have much custard experience to compare it with.

          1. re: dingey

            Mirch masala is gone. Would have liked to try them.