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Aug 31, 2012 02:24 PM

Los Angeles in October


My wife will be celebrating her second 30th birthday in October. We'll be there for a week beginning the 23rd. We will be staying at the Beverly Wilshire and will have a car. General thoughts on food, lunch places, dinner places, cool places with a view, exceptional bars etc. would be appreciated. I have tickets to the Hollywood Bowl on the 26th so ideas on how to properly pack a picnic basket are very important.

We generally travel to Los Angeles at least once a year from our home in Connecticut. We've lived in Asia, spend time in Europe every year and appreciate most foods.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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  1. Red Medicine


    Son of a Gun

    Rivera or Playa


    A renovated Spago should be reopened

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    1. re: Servorg

      Does anyone know the opening date for the new and improved Spago Beverly Hills?

    2. Hi Steve,

      I would highly recommend Pizzeria Mozza for getting food to go for the Hollywood Bowl. Their pizza is wonderful, and about as close to you'll come to what you get in southern CT.

      Check out the Fairfax district for the original farmers market. Short Order, Nancy Silverton's burger experiment is there, as well as some decent sit down places like Loteria.

      Head south down Fairfax to visit Animal, dinner only, make a reservation, some of the best flavor bomb food in the city. Their sister place, Son of a Gun, is their take on seafood, and also supposed to be outstanding. Other places worth trying are Hatfield's, ink, Bazaar & Red Medicine.

      In Beverly Hills, I'd recommend Scarpetta for brunch if you are here on a Sunday, best brunch inthe city.

      Downtown has a lot to offer: Rivera, WP24, the little Tokyo area.

      For a view, the best choice in Santa Monica on the Venice line would be Catch, in the Casa del Mar hotel. Other great spots in SaMo include FIG, in the Fairmount, and Melisse, which is high end.

      I have more recs, but will let the other hounds chime in. P.S. my absolute Dave at the moment is in Venice on Abott Kinney place, an artsy neighborhood, called the Tasting Kitchen. Absolutely fab!

      1. Mezze
        Dan Tanas
        Red Medicine

        For brunch in BH you might walk up Canon to Porta Via. They have a nice brunch menu, If its nice out, the patio at Barney Greengrass a short walk west on Wilshire is great.

        1. Definitely agree withdirtywextraolives on the Mozza rec, especially for the consider Nancy's chopped salad, the focaccia and desserts is awesome but i wouldnt really advise it for traveling...its great but loses it all if its cold!

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          1. re: lapizzamaven

            The butterscotch budino is swoon-worthy. I have taken their pizzas to go & rode all the way back to the west side with them, they travel just fine......

            1. re: lapizzamaven

              Porchetta Panini is amazing.

              I think the pizza travels fairly well. Not as good as eating there but still nice. I tend to get the simpler pizza for travel, like the tomato sauce and anchovie and chilis.

            2. A place not often mentioned but offering an extraordinary and unique kind of dining experience would be n/naka. I'm not sure where you lived in Asia, but if you're familiar with Japanese cuisine, n/naka serves multi-course meals known as kaiseki. I'm offering this strictly second hand - here's the post by serious eater Hound J.L.


              If you have had kaiseki, it might be a good time to reminisce and compare with your memories. If not, I think the experience would be very uncommon here in the US.

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              1. re: bulavinaka

                Another place I've been dying to try..... n/naka.... Know that it is in Culver City, which is just west of mid city, south if the 10 freeway. There are actually lots of neat places in this neighboring city.

                Another place that's supposed to have an incredible view is the new Nobu in Malibu. He used to be in a small shopping center on the inland side; he now has moved directly on the beach. Have not been to this location yet, promises to be stunning.....but we had a wonderful birthday celebration at his former space last year, food is excellent. A bit out of the way, but if you're interested in driving up the coast a bit, it's worth it.

                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                  Not meaning to split hairs but n/naka is actually in a neighborhood just north of Culver City - Palms. Venice Blvd approximately delineates Culver City (zips 90230-90232) to the south and Palms to the north (zip 90034). Culver City itself is a confusing city when it comes to boundaries.