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Quebec Grown Garlic

I read the paper about this and went to Atwater market and was sold a string of garlic which I was told made in quebec ( there was no sticker on it as I was later told should be) anyhow does not taste that great so wondering ...u,mmmm
they also have this at Jean Talon Market till October and apparently supposed to last months and test better than chinese garlic ..

comments please if tried or if any other store but markets sell this thanks

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  1. check out the Outremont bio market every Sunday on Van Horne and Dollard.

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      How much longer does that last? Yes, I know that this is an old comment, but I believe the bio market still exists.

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        This page says it ended October 3, though no year is specified.

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          The Music garlic usually can keep for 9 month to one year, the point is to keep them dry, don't put in the jar, don't put in the refrigerator.

      2. Look for the hardneck garlic (the ones with the long stalks and 4-5 cloves/bulb). Much more interesting flavor-wise as I've never been that satisfied with the braided ones or any of the soft-necks. The long-necks do last a while, but they will set you back $1.50-4 depending on vendor and size.

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          Was at JT Market today and couldn't believe how expensive it was. Why is that?

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            do not know why so expensive if quebec grown perhaps someone can shed some light on why cost so high

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              If I had to guess I'd say it probably has something to do with Quebec being the most heavily taxed region in North America. Think about it. If you are a small farmer/grower, you've got a level of taxes to pay that are over and above all the other sundry taxes people have to dish out. Then, if you want to sell your product, more taxes, permit, and license fees. For something specialized like garlic, and in a market that is flooded with the cheap imported stuff, it stands to reason the end price will be through the roof.

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                Euh... then why it would be the case only with garlic? Anyway, is it REALLY expensive or the problem is that we compare the price with that crappy cheap garlic from China?

                Here's a good article (in french) about Québec garlic : http://www.lapresse.ca/le-soleil/affa...

                "Maintenant que la demande et les prix sont bons, les petits agriculteurs sont davantage tentés de prendre le train. Mais il est compliqué et coûteux de se convertir à la culture de l'ail. D'abord, il faut garder près du quart de sa production pour la replanter ou alors acheter des semences aussi rares que dispendieuses. Francine Pomerleau évalue la facture à 5000 $ l'acre ces années-ci."

                "La suite n'est pas plus simple. Fragiles, les caïeux doivent être couverts d'une bonne couche de neige pendant l'hiver pour ne pas geler, ce qui avantage les régions de l'Est-du-Québec. Quand la nature se réveille, c'est la lutte contre les mauvaises herbes qui commence, puisque la plante supporte mal la concurrence. La récolte, le séchage et l'emballage, toutes les étapes subséquentes doivent aussi se faire à la main et avec le plus grand doigté pour éviter d'abîmer les gousses."

        2. I saw a booth selling Quebec garlic at the Brome fair today.

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            I have seen it at Atwater Market for $3.50 a small bulb. I would also like to know why its soo expensive.

            Last week I bought a bundle of 6 in Vermont and it cost $1.80.

            I have been using the garlic from Argentina and its actually quite good, far superior to the Chinese no-taste garlic.

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              garlic isn't difficult to cultivate but it is mostly grown here in limited supply - it's an artisanal product.

          2. I buy my garlic in bulk from Le Petit Mas in Coaticook.
            It's 20$ per kilo + 20$ shipping (fixed price).
            There's about 13 to 15 bulbs per kilo.

            The quality is WAY BEYOND the chinese stuff you can buy at the grocery store.

            This year, I ordered 20 kilos. I kept 4 kilos for myself and sold the rest to friends and family.
            21$ per kilo in the end.

            The garlic stays good until the end of may.

            1. You have to be careful if you buy in a grocery store. At the metro on Victoria/Sherbrooke I saw this gem... total fail...

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              1. I don't often recommend this place cause everything there is really expensive for no reason, but still, Fou d'ici these days sell products from the great Runaway Creek Farm and they have 5-6 variety of Québec garlic (Italian, Spanish and I forgot the other...). First time I see that. I don't remember the price on my bill, but I don't think it was that expensive... for that place especially and the fact that it's organic.

                1. Hello, we cultivated organic quebec garlic in Lacolle, usually we sell on Farmers' market, but right now we still have a lot, if you want, you could send me e-mail: horn_sandy@hotmail.com or call me: 514 699 4508, my name is Sandy.

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                    That is beautiful, but do you ever truck it to Montréal? You know, like a garlic "food truck"?

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                      Hello lagatta,
                      Actually we don't have the house in Lacolle,and we live in Montreal, usually we sell them in the Cote Saint Luc farmers' market,because we live in Cote Saint Luc.
                      If you want to purchase, we can delivery to your home.

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                      Sandy, tell us more about the Allium sativum you grow. How does it compare with other garlics?

                      1. re: The Chowhound Team

                        The name of the garlic we grow this year is: Music.
                        Music has white skin with a slight blush of pink, and
                        it has big cloves.Each clove will be 10 to 20g,
                        each garlic has 3 or 4 to 7 cloves.
                        The taste is medium hot.
                        If you keep them dry, them will store for a long time.
                        We grow them in October and harvest in the next July.