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Aug 31, 2012 02:07 PM

Hard Rolls?

Sunday morning breakfasts growing up in NY were those wonderful Kaiser-appearing/crusty flaky outside/airy chewy inside morsels that were just about perfect with a small dab of lightly salted butter.

Will be in NYC soon and wondering if they still exist, and if so, where to find them.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Kaiser rolls (hard rolls) are available at Moishe's kosher bakery on Second Avenue and 7th Street; also the Ninth Street Bakery at 9th and 1st. They may not be exactly what you have in mind, but they're quite good.

    1. Since they started using frozen dough to keep them sell-able for a few more hours back in the 70s or so, bakery rolls have less taste.

      1. In my 30 years in NYC, I've only encountered soft "hard rolls" (clearly a misnomer, though the name makes me think that the product has changed over time.) I grew up near Detroit, where the deli hard rolls had a crust and were delicious.

        1. Thanks everyone. I had not seen them when in New York in the past, and thought, alas, that they might be gone. I will check out the suggested bakeries just in case. I would even settle for a decent broetchen like you find in Germany -- just a great breakfast roll, hard outside, airy inside. Hard to find them in LA.

          Thanks again for any pointers.

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            At the Union Square Market, at least one of the bread purveyors sells very good kaiser rolls.
            Either Bread Alone or Our Daily Bread.