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French Fries (and a request for knowledge from a West Side old timer (like me))

I am sometimes bugged by the inability of some places to prepare a simple tasty french fry. After all, it should be an elongated piece of cut potato properly fried. And while I grant that there is nothing wrong with cooking it in fat versus oil, or one oil versus another, or putting parmesan on it, or truffle oil, or whatever, my preference is a simple fry cooked in clean oil, rather than one on which something has been put beyond salt and pepper.(particularly one that is coated which should simply be banned!). So in that vein, I propose the french fry at Apple Pan as a simple, yet majestic example, of what a simple hot french fry should taste like. Is there a better simple fry out there?

Now the trivia for an old timer: Many (like 55) years ago, there was a restaurant at Pico and Sherbourne on the North-East side of the street. A simple place, that made a great simple french fry a la Apple Pan, its contemporary. Someone once posted its name here on chowhound, but alas a search has not uncovered it. If you know the name, please let me know.

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  1. Oinkster has the best fries IMO, made from kennebecs and twice fried.

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      +1 on Oinkster's. Hole in the Wall burger place in West LA also uses kennebecs, but I can't recall if they are twice fried, but they are also delicious.

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        +2 on Oinkster fries. Too bad pretty much everything else there has gone way downhill.

      2. Jeez, I think the Apple Pan fries are mediocre at best. Majestic? Try the fries at Hal's. Oinkster's are very good, but they're out in Glendale. Tavern has some good fries too.

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        1. dunno if it qualifies, but i like Rally's fast food burger fries.

          1. The best bar none are at Wurst sausage in Downtown. Regular and truffle are wild.

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              The Brentwood and Tavern make incredible fries.

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                Love the Brentwood. Outstanding Onion Rings too.

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                Are you saying that the downtown location fries are better than at the Venice beach location?


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                  If you mean Wurst, have not been to Venice.

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                    Is there a place named "Wurst" as well as "Wurstkuche"? I didn't know that.

              3. Jar or Pete's Cafe.

                And if you want to go totally blue-collar, then it's The Hat.

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                  The Hat's pastrami-chili-cheese fries....Yes! One order can serve an army.

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                    Actually the regular fries are pretty darn good as well. Especially straight out of the fryer and paired with some cold ketchup packets.

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                      Even better than Hat's chili cheese fries are Pharo's up the street. I find the food at The Hat strangely flavorless

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                        Have you tried the Ranch Fries at Hi-Life up the street on Fair Oaks from Pharo's?

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                          No, I have not but ranch dressing on fries does not appeal to me

                2. I like Langer's crinkle cut fries with my pastrami.

                  1. Kentucky Boys. Much like Apple Pan.

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                    1. Big Jo's crinkle cut fries are really great fresh. The edges are crispy, the inside is fluffy. A little seasoned salt and ketchup, fantastic.

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                          Is there another one that you know of? As far as I know there is only one. But then again, things change and it's hard to keep up without constantly Googling for the info...

                      1. Yes, it's a chain but, I LOVE the bottomless fries at Islands Rest. Makes the rest of the meal experience tolerable. Have to ask for them and order a meal that provides

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                          I think their fries as fries are OK, but they put way too much seasoned salt or something on them. Tastes like eating sand--oh, I get it, it's cuz you're on an Island.

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                            Islands fries are very good. Make sure to tell them to make sure they are hot and well done. Great with bbq sauce on the side.

                          2. Bouchon has great fries

                            1. My wife goes through phases where she absolutely craves the fries at Jan's Coffee Shop on Beverly, near the Beverly Center, just east of La Cienaga.

                              Mr Taster

                              1. I recently had some great hand cut fries at The Charleston. Hot, crisp, and well seasoned. I just wish the venue was as good as the food.