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Aug 31, 2012 01:42 PM

Orange melon or Crawfish

Took a little food tour through CT & MA earlier this week. One stop was the farmer's stand near Northampton, Outlook Farm. Another customer there was raving about their Orange Watermelon. So much so that I decided to try one. Unfortunately had too many other items to carry and after leaving the store intending to go back for the paid for melon I got distracted and left it behind. So now I am even more interested in finding out what I'm missing. Has anyone tried one of these? Anyone know of anywhere in Northern or Central Jersey that they are available for purchase?

And then the Crawfish. Used to enjoy filling up on these at the annual festival in Suffolk. But the price of admission went out of reach this year ($40). Is there anyone serving Crawfish or have fresh ones for sale in NJ?


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  1. I got an orange fleshed watermelon last Sunday at the Red bank farmer's market. Everyone liked it very much. I'm sure they will have more of them this Sunday as well.

    1. Crawfish season is over until January. I don't know of anyone that does them right up here other than myself and I have a few sacks shipped up from New Orleans a couple of times during the season. There used to be a crawfish event in NYC but not sure if they still do it or not. It was like $60 all you could eat and drink which I could get my monies worth on the crawfish alone as the only place in Hoboken that sells them during the season has them for $9 a pound and that was three years ago.