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Aug 31, 2012 01:15 PM

Caviar - where to get it? (posted originally on home cooking)

Where do those in the know get reasonably priced caviar? Wondering if Costco has it and how it is?
Wondering about Restaurant Depot? The local supermarket?

It doesn't have to be foo-foo ---- it is for a joint birthday celebration, around the pool for myself and my kids (adult) to be served with the fixings, and champagne/vodka.

I would appreciate Rockland County or Northern Jersey suggestions.

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  1. Except for Caviarteria in Manhattan, I've always been disappointed with caviar purchased from local stores. I ALWAYS buy online. My current favorite purveyor for the past several years is the Gourmet Food Store.

    Wonderful selection, reasonable prices, excellent quality, excellent packaging/shipping, excellent customer service.

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    1. re: Bacardi1

      thanks for the link. Interesting items!

      1. re: doberlady

        I've been ordering my annual Xmas/New Year's caviar spread from them (like to offer different varieties to try) since 2007 & have NEVER been disappointed. Have also ordered various pates, smoked salmon, crackers, & other sundries as gifts for others that have gotten rave reviews.

        (And off-topic, is your screen name due to you owning or breeding Dobermans?)

    2. What kind of caviar? Real imported Russian or Iranian Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga sturgeon Caviar? Imported other kinds? Domestic? Wild caught or farm raised?

      Real caviar only keeps a short while and has to be kept chilled. The best shops buy kilo tins and repackage for sale withing a few days.

      I only buy at respectable places in NYC where I know there is fast turn over. Russ and Daughters, Petrossian (who pack to order), Caviarteria, Russe Caviar, Zabars, Murrays Cheese, etc.

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        1. google Kelleys Katch caviar. They sell the most delicious paddlefish caviar-super fresh,not salty, grey color ( not that icky dyed black) and reasonably prices. I've ordered from them several times-always good !!