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Aug 31, 2012 01:05 PM

Manhattan Dish of the Month (Sep 2012) - Queso Fundido

Announcing the September 2012 New York City Dish of the Month: Queso Fundido

Link to Voting Thread:
Link to Nomination Thread:

The goal is to collectively try as many versions of queso fundido as possible during the month of September! So let's start exploring and eating—report back with reviews and photos of the best queso fundido you can find

This is the reporting thread for Manhattan. There's a separate thread for Outer Boroughs here:

Looking forward to seeing what people try! Remember, the point of this project is to go out and try this dish this month! Second-hand discussion of who has the best is always helpful, but I hope people get out there and come back with some first-hand accounts.

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  1. I've always enjoyed the queso fundido at Empellon Taqueria though I haven't been there in a few months.

    1. El Paso Taqueria and Toloache make pretty damn good versions. Some of the worst I've had was at Mexico Lindo, who used, what looked like, sliced hot dog for "chorizo." Heinous.

      1. I usually have good luck with the queso fundido at Rosa Mexicano. At its best it's got strips of roasted poblanos on the bottom and lots of chiorizo and chopped cilantro on top. On occasion there are red peppers and no cilantro. A couple of times it had cooled down too much to be beautifully gooey. The best part? During happy hour you can get it for less than six bucks.

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          Second the queso fundido at Rosa Mexicano. We frequent the Lincoln Center location and when we order it, we get the version w/chorizo and peppers.

          1. re: skgchow

            Rosa Mexicano's queso fundido is very good. My favorite is the meatless version with huitlacoche and poblano peppers.

        2. I've only ever had the Queso Fundido at Cascabel, but I like their version a lot.

          1. OK, so we had the queso fundido w/ chorizo (or, let's just call it "chori-queso") last night at La Camelia. The chorizo is made in-house and was very robust and had a fantastic texture. The order came with a side of homemade corn tortillas.
            If you find yourself at La Camelia, make sure to ask for this dish with a side of the green salsa, as making a "burrito" with just queso is too dry.