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Aug 31, 2012 12:52 PM

Milwaukee: good Vietnamese restaurants or your fave ethnic places

Can anyone recommend any good Vietnamese restaurants in the Milwaukee area?

Looking to eat bun Bo, pho and cha ca (realize that it might be hard as it is more of a North Vietnam dish).

Alternatively what are your favorite Asian/Ethnic restaurants?
My SO and I just went to an excellent Indian/Pakistani place called Mirchi Masala and we were pleasantly surprised by the the quality and diversity of the dishes. Any others that you guys can recommend ???

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  1. Not knowing the cuisine as well as I should, I had an above acceptable meal at pho hai Tuyet in fox point. Service and ambiance was severely lacking, but the food was good. I will be asking my son's best friend whose parents are 1st gen immigrants to give suggestions.

    Oh - mirchi masala was the place I referenced as the former best thai place. I was there a couple of times, the first after they first opened and while the food was good, the service was trying. The second visit was very good. I plan on trying the lunch buffet next week. Very nice people. 76th and Good Hope for those folks looking for it. They also had some coupons in the past.

    1. We've been going to Phan's Garden, 19th and National, for the last 17 years and they are still my favorite. Goi Cuon is the only item that I've had better at the other crop of new restaurants.
      They have Cha Ca A5.
      The Pho and stir-fried dishes are noticeably better at Phans.
      I'd also recommend, Special Pumpkin soup G3. Bun Thit Noung Cha Gio B14,

      From a previous post;
      Phan’s Garden, on National Ave. at 19th St.; authentic Vietnamese; cha gio (Vietnamese egg rolls), goi cuon (spring rolls), bo noung vi (grilled beef in rice papers), bahn xeo (Vietnamese omelet), pho, green papaya salad F3, cold beef salad, H8: curried chicken, K3: shrimp in coconut milk and lemon grass.

      They have a very large Chinese selection also- which we rarely order from. Do order the fried dumplings- great! Their fried rice is quite good.

      Favorite restaurants- Fortune Chinese Rest. Maharaja, Conjitos, Thai BBQ, Peking chef- Brown Port Shopping center (Indonesian) Also Mr Wok in Waukesha- great Indonesian.

      1. Hi,

        Just so I may be more helpful and understand your style, where did you end up eating the last time you asked for our advice and what was your take on those establishments?

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          Any of you regulars ever eat at Meiji in Waukesha? I've never been, but I've always wanted to try it as their specialty in Sichuan seems to be fairly unique in our area

        2. I'm a big fan of EE Sane on Farwell. Excellent Thai/Laotion. Not much for ambiance though.