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Aug 31, 2012 12:17 PM

Shadow Valley Farms milk--a farmers' market find! (Greater Hartford/Middlesex County, Connecticut)

Have you found this at YOUR local farmers' market? I just found it today at ours in Middletown's North End. WHATTATREAT! 1/2 gallon in glass. It's delicious! I can't wait to make gelato with it, but meantime, I just had a glass and it is mm-mm-GREAT!

I know he goes to the Higganum farmers' market, too. I hope he finds a place to sell the milk in the winter. Locally, I recall Salem Valley Farms used to sell milk in glass at Portland's Tri-Town (and the now defunct PCM: Portland Country Market).

Anyway, a cool and delicious find. Try it if you see it! MOO.

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  1. UPDATE: They sell heavy cream, too--by the pint and quart. Only quarts were left by the time I arrived. Next time.

    My gelato was extra excellent made with their hyper-rich whole milk. I got 2% this time. They sell chocolate, too.

    AND they sell creamed honey. Delectable by the spoonful like frosting good. Mmmmmmmm!

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      I will look for Shadow Valley despite already being a loyal customer of Smyth's Trinity Farm out of Enfield. They do a number of farmers' markets as well, and sell milks, cream and h&h, yogurt, kefir and sometimes butter. All of which are delicious - as probably most local, fresh, clean dairy products are! If I run across Shadow Valley merchandise, I'll definitely pick some up; gotta support the local farms.

      1. re: harrie

        I will keep an eye out for Smyth's, too, for the same reason. Thank you! I just hope these nice folks can get in on some IGA stores to keep selling after the markets close for the season. I'm not shy about using the phone. I might call some of ours and see if I can make introductions. :)

    2. Have you tried Deerfield Farm in Durham? They have their own little
      "store" where you pick up your order on the honor system- Raw milk, coffee and chocolate milks, several varieties of yogurts and cheeses, eggs, etc, etc

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        Thank you--I haven't. For some weirdo reason, your link wouldn't work (even though it's also what I found on Google). This did.

        Very nice to know.