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Aug 31, 2012 11:58 AM

Minetta Tavern tonight

l'm taking my son for his 17th bd: he's set on ordering the Black Label, but l can't decide whether to dive in for the bone-in NY Strip, which l understand to be devastating, or pay about the same for an assortment of apps.

Torn, l say! Can the Hounds advise?

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  1. i usually get the veal chop or the lamb saddle when im there. the lamb saddle isnt as good as the mutton chop at keens but its very similar. the veal chop is always killer...comes with a sweetbreads salad.

    apps are pretty forgettable at minetta in my opinion.

    1. Minetta makes one of the bettter steaks in town. But having done them before, whenever I'm there nowadays, I go for stuff that makes it one of the best bistro/brasserie in town today, steaks notwithstanding. The Huitres et Crepinettes and the Oxtail/Foie Gras Terrine are 2 of my favorites. I also like the Dourade and the Pig'sTrotter dishes.

      1. You're going to Minetta might as well go big or go home instead of trying to scrape by on apps, it's a celebration!!!!

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          Probably too late, but definitely get the cote de beouf.

          My wife and I agree it was the best steak ever.

        2. The NY Strip is great. Share the pommes aligot.

          1. Thanks all! We shared the marrow app, very generous portions. My son got the awesome Black Label burger, l went for the NY strip as an entree: fantastic! Perfect crust, assertively seasoned. Got it with the stuffed cabbage side, which had a remarkable demi-glace.

            No room for dessert :(

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            1. re: howdini

              Go back and bring more people, share the cote de boeuf and the mushrooms, and order a souffle!