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Aug 31, 2012 11:58 AM

Sardine Can - any reviews here ?

The Mrs. and I are celebrating our 18th this long weekend. Thinking of a small, intimate venue with a good variety of small tasty bites. Been to Salt Tasting, Judas Goat, Au Petit Chav, etc, etc so The Sardine Can (not been) is on my curiosity radar.

Any feedback on them ? Any other recs ?

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  1. I've been twice (a few months ago) & like them. The wine list is incredibly reasonably priced ($35-45 for most of them, all Spanish). Sardines on toast are great, patatas bravas good, enjoyed the octopus & chorizo stew. I think the portions & prices are much much better than Judas Goat (almost in the realm of surprising, for Gastown), as is the atmosphere.

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      Sounds good ...... thanks ! :-)

      Wife and I could get filled up (food alone) at Judas Goat for around $50-ish. Not that price will be a deterrent for this particular occasion for us, but I do emphasize value and portion size is often a strong determinant of that for me personally.

      1. re: reiney

        Agreed, though I don't mind Judas Goat as much. You could always hit up both in one night!

        1. re: clutterer

          Did exactly that a few weeks ago - a mini-tapas crawl....then the Diamond afterwards. That's what I would suggest, LotusRapper.

          1. re: fmed

            A Gastown crawl was the second time I went to Sardine Can - did Salt, Judas, Sardine then Diamond in one hit - and where my value for money comment originated. The difference in satisfaction levels between the $10 scallop carpaccio at Judas (which was *maybe* one scallop) versus $10 octopus & chorizo stew was striking.

            That said, a crawl would be great fun! Perhaps add in Wildebeest at the end for a cocktail.

      2. I've been once and it was great! Shared a few bites and glasses of wine. We did it as part of a self guided "tour de gas town" and it was perfect.

        1. LR, you are too young to be celebrating your 18th.
          How was SC. I enjoyed my visits here.
          It does fill up easy as it is so small.
          Second that its better than Judas... .
          Its good to have the expectation higher for spanish tapas.
          hopefully espana can better it.

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          1. re: betterthanbourdain

            Got hitched when I was 17 .......


            Sadly, we didn't end up making it to SC that weekend. Some out-of-town friends of my parents (you know, the kind that've "known you since you were this wee small") popped up from Frisco, so we were obliged to dine with them all ...... went to Sun Sui Wah. Not quite the quiet intimate anniv. nosh I had in mind, but the table was big & round, place was hoppingly "yeet naow" and the food was alright. And free ! :-D

            So call it a deferment.

            Good to see ya back in these parts, sir :-)