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Aug 31, 2012 11:52 AM

New York style pizza @ One Twelve Pizza Bistro - Rochester, MI

Just got my first pie from them today. Absolutely delicious and everything a NY style pizza should be. If they dialed in their crust just a tad bit more they could even rival Supinos in my opinion but what I had today was perfection. They are located in the strip mall south of M-59 on Adams rd.

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  1. Is it dine in or carry-out only?

    By the looks of the menu, no beer or wine I'm guessing?


    1. Will try out asap. Thanks!
      Aside: Is their pasta dough made in house?

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      1. re: VTB

        Went for a slice for lunch today. Great chew and good crunch on the crust which is the clear focus. Rochester Hills has a pile of new pizza places and this one is up there. Fresco serves beer though.

        I asked if the pasta was fresh or dried and it is fresh. Which doesn't quite answer the if the dough is house made. But, they are quite exuberant about the bolognese.

        BTW. Closed on Sunday for the summer.

        1. re: goatgolfer

          Missed you by an hour, GG. Seems like very good pizza to me. I got a slice (big!), but the made-to-order looked even better. Take care with the toppings, as the pie can get salty quickly. Mine was light on the mushrooms and heavy on the pepperoni. Looking forward to the fresh moz next time. I'm tempted to try that pasta (pasta dough not made in house). Thanks Grue.

      2. Thanks for posting. Sounds and looks really tasty. Will try to get up there soon.

        1. Carry out and dine in, and working on delivery. I think they just opened in June or July. No beer or wine that I saw, just good pizza. Not sure if the pasta is made in house or not.