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Aug 31, 2012 11:45 AM

Looking for imported Italian dried oregano

Last year I brought home from Italy 6 jars of the BEST dried oregano I have ever had. Sadly, I have just finished the last jar. The importer is Drogheria e Alimentari S.p.A. The name is Origano Mediterraneo. Any ideas about where I might be able to buy this? I have hunted on line with no luck.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try Penzey's Turkish oregano.

    1. Market Hall Foods, a local firm has Sicilian oregano.

      1. At Lucca (22nd+Valencia), there are bags of dried oregano stalks hanging above the counter. I lost the label, but it was branded something along the lines of "Wild Greek Oregano". I've been using it in pizza sauce -- very intense and a bit bitter, a little goes a long way. Something like $3.50 for as much as I will use in a year.

        1. The best oregano I have ever had is this Greek oregano from Gratia Spice...hands down. It's 100% Organic. Simply amazing just opening the bottle and smelling the aroma, makes you hungry. This is their website: