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In need of more breakfast options (that I can eat in the car)

So I like to eat breakfast in the car on my way to work. My go-to option was a peanut-butter-on-toast sandwich. Got some protein and good fats from the natural PB and some fiber from the whole-grain bread. But I recently developed a sensitivity to PB and I need some other options.

So far I've tried a ham or turkey sandwich on that same whole-grain bread and an egg and some ham on a toasted English muffin. (Microwave one egg in a ramekin the same diameter as the muffin and top with a slice of ham.)

It needs to be quick to make and not messy to eat. The ham or turkey sandwich is ok, but I've discovered I'm not that fond of mustard that early in the morning. Any ideas for spreads that would be better?

I've considered something along the lines of a breakfast burrito, but I'm not sure that will meet the non-messy requirement. I need to be able to hold it in one hand.

Prefer somewhat healthier options.


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  1. How about a tofu smoothie that you can drink through a straw?


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      Whole wheat English muffin with Laughing Cow cheese. Or cream cheese with chives.

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        Oops! Forgot to include the non-diary limitation. Guess I could try that with goat cheese.

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        That's a possibility. I don't have any experience with making smoothies. Do you have any recipes? I forgot to mention that I'm looking for non-dairy options, but maybe with tofu I wouldn't need dairy?

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          You don't need dairy for a tofu smoothie. Some recipes will call for milk or yogurt, in addition to silken tofu, but you can always sub almond or soy milk or almond or soy yogurt... . I don't have any good recipes off-hand, but I've contributed some to previous threads:




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            You don't really need a dairy or dairy style element if you use frozen fruit.

            Try mixing your favourite fruits (about a cup I'd guess) into the blender, add in around 1/3 cup of muesli or granola and cover with a 50/50 mix of apple and orange juice, just enough to cover the fruit. Just add more juice if you want a thinner consistency to your smoothie.

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              If the goal is to drink the smoothie while driving, I suspect thinner would be desirable.


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              Make a fruit smoothie and add green elements to it (spirulina powder, wheatgrass, kale, etc.) and/or add chia seeds. Raw chia seeds supposedly pack a lot of nutrition in a small serving (a teaspoon or so per smoothie?).

              My husband likes avjar in the mornings. It's a spread made from roasted red peppers and eggplant. You can usually buy it in a jar. It would probably work well on your turkey sandwiches.

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                Wow, i've never heard of avjar. Just googled it and it sounds really tasty!

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                  avjar is one of my favorite condiments!! It sure makes a spoon tasty :P

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                I use almond milk in my smoothies, along with frozen mixed berries, and a banana. I sometimes add non fat greek yogurt, for which you could sub soy yogurt, or just leave it out.

            3. I just got a zillion zucchini from a neighbor (okay, quite a few), so I've been making mini quiches in muffin tins. Works well with veggies, cheeses, leftover ham bits, pepperoni, etc, and you can make them as sweet or savory as you like.

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                I also just received a generous gift of zucchini from a friend and LOVE the mini quiches idea! I'm going to make some today and store them in the freezer for a quick grab, re-heat and go breakfast. Thanks!

              2. I'm not sure if you only wanted savory ideas, but what avout banana oatmeal cookies, or homemade granola made more clustery, or a mix of nuts and dried fruit, Clair Robinson( I think that's her name) from 5 ing fix, food network made a mix with pepitos, dried fruit, and other nuts, and bake it with maple syrup, and cinnamon. It was really good.

                1. Muffin Tin Frittatas? I haven't made them, but I know several people who do!

                  I love cream cheese as a spread especially with salami or ham.

                  Do you have happen to have a sensitivity to almonds as well? I'm a big fan of almond butter and apricot jam on nice hearty toast.

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                    +1 YES to the cream cheese/neufchatel (sp?) with ham, salami. Just getting into almond butter, but love it on whole wheat and sometimes sprinkle toasted slivered almonds on top.

                  2. Go to an Asian store. Buy frozen packages of steamed buns (bao). Heat in the microwave. (Or make your own, as I sometimes do, so you can have more control over the filling, and freeze them yourself).

                    How tied are you to preferring foods that have a "breakfast" connotation?

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                      FP: Not too tied to traditional breakfast ideas. I don't really like sweet stuff in the morning and I wouldn't eat eggs for years when I was younger. I've only been eating eggs the last couple of years. Not a big fan of jam.

                      I do try to eat healthy and not-overly-processed foods so I'd prefer home-made options. (I've made bao in the past, just not recently.) I do like the mini-frittata idea suggested above. One of my coworkers suggested the same thing.

                      Thanks, all, for the ideas so far!

                    2. How about cheese-less pizzas in flavor combinations that you'll enjoy cold? Make them ahead of time and keep them in your fridge.

                      1. Baked oatmeal works great because you can cut it in cubes and eat it one piece at a time. My version has pumpkin purée in it and it is very filling. DH who doesn't usually eat breakfast and hates oatmeal (soupy version) eats it and says that it "goes down nicely". I'm overdue to make a batch (had it so much in the winter/spring that I had to take a break from it). Let me know if you want me to post my recipe.

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                        1. re: pâté chinois

                          Yes! I eat oats for breaky year round, granola w yogurt in summer and porridge in winter. I've read of Scottish peasants filling a cupboard drawer w porridge and serving a square of it at a time.

                            1. re: pâté chinois

                              So sorry it took so long to post back. Here is the baked oatmeal recipe, plus an oatmeal-oats smoothie.

                              I make baked pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin-oats smoothies that make my oatmeal-hater husband eat it (miracle of miracles!)

                              The oatmeal is not very sweet at all - I would recommend to sweeten as desired.

                              Baked pumpkin oatmeal - 4 generous servings
                              1 c. pumpkin
                              1 3/4 c. milk (any one you like, dairy or not)
                              1 egg
                              1 1/2 c. rolled oats (would work with other flakes also)
                              1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
                              1 tsp vanilla
                              1/2 c. dried fruit of your choice (sour cherries are wonderful, as are cranberries and chopped apricots)

                              Mix well and pour into a 9-inch square pan. Bake at 350 until set (probably 30-45 mins). If desired, sprinkle with sugar and "brûlée".

                              Pumpkin-oats smoothie (2 servings)
                              (hopefully better than the one you had and didn't like!)

                              2 c. milk of your choice (dairy or not)
                              1/2 c. one-minute oats
                              1/2 c. pumpkin
                              1 banana (a ripe pear also works well)
                              1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
                              vanilla to taste
                              A few medjool dates to sweeten if you want - as many as you like

                              Warm 1 c. of milk and stir in oats. Let stand for about 10-15 minutes, to soften the flakes. Add the rest of ingredients and blend well, using the blending device of your choice - Magic Bullet, immersion blender or blender. This makes a flavorful, not too sweet and very creamy smoothie that "goes down well", as says the husband.

                            2. can you switch to almond butter? soy nut butter? sunflower seed butter?

                              1. Spread a tortilla with nut butter, then wrap around a banana. Delicious, healthy and filling.

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                                  +1 ... Corn or flour tortillas -- essential when making a good Breakfast Wrap.

                                2. I eat on the road too (103 miles to work one way), and many times it is bananas, apples, plums, pears , or any other one handed fruit that is not too juicy. I will say that my commute is mostly straight highway across the desert with little traffic.

                                  Another road food I like is various pan dulce that I get when I am in Las Vegas.

                                  Look for things that you can make ahead, eat cold, or reheat before leaving. Waffles with peanut butter, scones, muffins, breakfast bars, chocolate Carnation instant breakfast was a mainstay growing up, etc.. Avoid greasy, crumbly, sticky, and loose sloppy foods. You may have to toss it in an emergency, and you don't want your clothes to get messy on the way to work.

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                                    That's a really good point. Don't eat anything in the car that you can't drop or fling into the passenger's seat in an emergency.

                                  2. Dairy-Free Quesadilla with Daiya cheese? you can cut into bite sized wedges before you leave so there's no hanging cheese issue

                                    A scooped whole wheat bagel filled with tofu mixed with salsa? scooped bagel is a built in bowl... or egg salad

                                    Oatmeal cakes -- make oatmeal ahead. let it congeal. cut into bites, pan sear them and dip as desired, but car friendly due to bite-sizedness... :)

                                    Pan-seared polenta bites dipped as desired...

                                    Deviled eggs -- tho these are of course make ahead

                                    Leftover kebabs - maybe think about planning dinners when you eat at home to be leftover breakfast friendly?

                                    Hummus smeared on pita

                                    For that sandwich, instead of mustard, maybe some almond or cashew or walnut butter, or pair turkey with cranberry (sauce) for a Thanksgiving take...

                                    are you against doing some prep for the week over the weekend?

                                    1. ONIGIRI! rice balls make a great breakfast. i used to have 1 salt-grilled salmon rice ball, and either 1 tuna-mayo or 1 shrimp-mayo rice ball, for breakfast every morning. i lived in bumpkinville tohoku, so where i'm from we'd lightly warm them in the microwave most of the year. you can make it the night before, then toss in microwave (in plastic wrap) for 30-35 seconds. i'd drink a veggie or tomato juice with this on the drive to the office. not very "conventional" western breakfast i guess but i love it!

                                      1. I used to make mini breakfast calzones on the weekend, freeze and then microwave when ready to eat: use refridgerated pizza dough (or make your own), spread with chive-cream cheese, top with scrambled eggs, fold closed and bake. To make it non-dairy, maybe add some pesto instead of cream cheese, or my favorite on eggs - Sriracha to kick your mouth in gear! You could also fill with so many other things and these were easy to hold because i made them hand-sized for the car.