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Aug 31, 2012 11:05 AM

Searching for Sweets Not Even in the Lower East Side

There are a few sweets/snacks/desserts, whichever you'd like to term them, that I would like to eat all too often. I know that at least two (still) exist- Kit Kat Peanut Butter and (something of a dense granola/oatmeal bar that can have chocolate chips, dried fruits/nuts/raisins) - in the UK, and the third, a Rainforest Crunch bar (had cashews and brasil nuts, and a toffee-esque coating), may not be in production anymore. Nonetheless, if you have any information regarding their whereabouts in NYC, please let me know.

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  1. Some UK candies can be found at Myers of Keswick in the West Village.

    1. Try the London Candy Co at 94th and Lexington for many UK sweets.

      1. Try Shi Eurasia, on Orchard. And Economy Candy, if you haven't already (you probably have).

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          Thanks everyone for your replies. I've seen Kit Kat Chunky (bigger version) in the states, but never the peanut butter one...what gives? The dark chocolate one and caramel one, those are good and well and all, but no pb? I've been to Myers of Keswick and Shi Eurasia (the latter doesn't have anything close, but I have seen Flake), and have asked the British shop near Harvard Square about the peanut butter one, but I've been given an excuse that it is a seasonal product.

          Have any of you seen/tried that, the Broderick's or Rainforest Crunch bars?

        2. Printon 56, a standard soulless midtown deli, has a large selection of UK chocolates. i can't say i've seen any of the three items you're looking for, but they always have Flake, Aero's, and the giant KitKat. Worth a look if you're near 56th between 5th & th.

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            @bob96-- I visited The London Candy Company today; they had a decent variety of candy bars, and three kit kat crunchy flavors, but no peanut butter one. The cashier in the bowler said they might be coming in two weeks. Cheers!

            @coasts-- Thanks for the heads up. Yep, those are good ones, and if they have kit kat crunchy (or a bigger size) it's never the pb one! In fact, a fried who was in Ireland at the time sent me a package of it, so I guess it's time to make a deal with someone over in Europe...