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Aug 31, 2012 10:57 AM

La Loma in Downtown St. Paul

Welcome to downtown St. Paul, La Loma!

I go quite often to the Midtown Global Market for tamales from this place. Now I have a spot a whole lot closer that I can go to for lunch!

They are located in Town Square, tucked in a little corner across from the Hilton Garden Inn. The long, long lines from the June opening days are finally disappating, but they are still doing a brisk business so I expect them to be around for awhile. It's a cafeteria line - and it goes pretty fast. There is common seating nearby. Parks are a few blocks away in either direction.

My favorite is their sweet corn tamale. Creamy, fresh, with tender corn pieces, sprinked with a little cilantro (yes, they have fresh cilantro as a condiment) and topped with their pico de gallo or their medium green salsa (which is hot in my little scand world). Second favorite is Pastor Taco Salad. I haven't been brave enought to try their burrito, but I've watched them make it for others - it's huge!!!

I am very thankful. :)

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  1. Oooh - I can barely wait until Tuesday! I just learned that La Loma is in downtown St. Paul on Friday, after I'd bought my lunch. Oaxacan tamales, here I come!

    1. I'm super grateful for this as well. One thing to note is that even though it's not listed on the menu, you can get a single taco for $2.31 (after tax). I love their al pastor, but I really don't need two tacos plus rice plus beans. This is probably one of the best lunch deals in town.

      1. There's already a La Loma in the skyway next to potbelly. Great food. Try the burrito, it's really good.

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          Technically, it's closer to the Hilton Garden Inn (as the OP stated) than to Potbelly. Either way, I'm so thankful it's there. I'm not a sandwich person and I work in that building, so I've been there lots. I also like that it's open until 3pm, so if my lunch isn't filling, I can grab an afternoon snack.