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Aug 31, 2012 10:10 AM

Help Little Compton Rhode Island and nearby!

Going Saturay- Monday, never been Big Anniversay so please suggestions on Breakfast, lunches, dinners, specialty foodie places and of course farms and bakeries! Don't like fancy so where for our anniversary dinner please. Will travel 10 miles or so. Thank you in advance

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    1. re: sweetsweet

      Food too please!! what is the bakery know for? Thank you

    2. Commons Lunch is pretty solid (on the town green). MIlk and Honey Bazaar on Rt. 77 in Tiverton has wonderful cheeses if you want to make a little picnic.

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      1. re: Science Chick

        Thank you very much! What about a romantic place to celecrate our anniversary? It can be a 30-40 drive out. Thanks

      2. Good sandwiches at Provender, right at Tiverton Four Corners and near the aforementioned Milk and Honey Bazaar. If you're willing to drive into Newport, we had a really memorable anniversary meal at Tallulah. Closer to Little Compton, the Boat House in Tiverton is a lovely setting with a lot of locally sourced food. The Stone House has been on our list to try - in Little Compton, and looks promising. But can't speak from personal experience. Enjoy!

        1. Bristol is close,theres a few good to great places,from the awesome Persimmon,good italian at Robertos,french bistro at central cafe and Hourglass,pub-grub at Adains and Boston beer co.,and great seafood in a casuel setting theres Quitos.