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Aug 31, 2012 09:27 AM

Any new ethnic places in the Rockville/Fairfax/Tysons Corner etc area?

We come down pretty often and seems to be stuck in a Joe's Noodle, China Bistro, A&J, Sarvana, Myanmar rut. Any new places in the area worth checking out? We will have a car, are willing to try anything, don't care about alcohol, and prefer to spend $50 or less for two.

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  1. Hmm... Ethiopian and Eritrean food in various places. Laotian food at Bangkok Golden Thai. There are quite a few Bolivian places around. Hunan Gate in Fairfax has a Manchurian menu.

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      Thanks, forgot to mention we've done Etete and Bangkok Golden too. We're perfectly happy revisiting old favorites, was just hoping to add a new place this trip. Never had Eritrean food though!

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        How about Satay Sarinah for Indonesian? It's quite good.

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          There are also the smaller places like Cosmopolitan Grill in Alexandria which does Bosnian food. Ćevapčići and ražnjići are not very common dishes around here!

      2. there's a cool filipino restaurant in rockville called Lumpia, Pansit, atbp. Filipino Restaurant.
        another really cool one is a burmese restaurant called A taste of burma in sterling.

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          Taste of Burma in Sterling has a pretty interior and food that is really toned down compared to Myanmar in Merrifield. I far prefer Myanmar.

        2. Fantastic new chinese restaurant in Rockville called East Pearl. sets the bar extremely high for Montgomery county Chinese. Only downside, no alcohol. Nevertheless... Don't pass on this one.

          1. There is 100 degree hot in Fairfax.


            Hong Kong Pearl Seafood in Seven Corners

            I really like Dolce Veloce in Fairfax, cicchetti wine bar. We have enjoyed almost everything we've gotten there. Small plates are perfect.


            As it gets colder, Uncle Liu's hot pot hits the spot, in Merrifield.

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              Thanks everyone. We haven't had Dim Sum in a while and Hong Kong Pearl looks good. It gets some great and some bad yelp reviews. Anyone have any recent experience there?

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                You have to go when it's really busy. It's probably the best in NoVa right now, although doesn't rival what you can get in Maryland. I haven't seen the yelp reviews but it's surprising how the dishes can go from barely edible (snails) to excellent. I'm trying to remember what the dish was we had there that we couldn't stop eating. Maybe cuttlefish or calamari.

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                  Hong Kong Pearl is good dim sum, AND it is also good for the evening.

                  Mr. Alka says it is very much like the Hong Kong places he loved. Hong Kong Pearl, in my opinion as a shrimp fanatic, has the BEST fried shrimp around. Their BBQ crispy pork and duck are also very good -- even superior to XO Taste. In the dim sum offerings, I am addicted to their shrimp and chive buns (or dumplings?).

              2. We seem to like all the same places. Here are some of my faves which maybe you have missed:

                Mazadar, right next to Saravana, for Afghan food. Get the Bulawnne/Buranee pastry filled with leeks, the babaganouj, the mantu (ravioli) and the pumpkin.

                Rose Kabob, Persian in Vienna. Get the gheymeh with eggplant, garlic torshi, regular torshi, maast-o-khir, and call in advance for the tahdig.

                Two places that are not open evenings, but lunch 7 days a week:

                Luzmilla's in Falls Church for Bolivian cusine. Go for the beef saltena, humintas, one of their many steak concoctions, tongue, sopa de mani. Get the mocochincho to drink.

                Fairfax Inn, Seven Corners, for Filipino cuisine.
                The daing na bangus (marinated milkfish) is a must and one of the great dishes of world cusine. Make sure you ask for the ginger slaw and garlic fried rice. Also very good is the dinuguan. Most other items are at least good. Difficult to find, located on Sleepy Hollow Road, it is a lunch counter inside a medical building. Ask for the Filipino menu. They make very good milkshakes here especially the Jamaica (Hibiscus) and the Horchata.

                In Eden Center, Bay Lo for Vietnamese. Go for the Miscellaneous Salad, the Goat Roll ( a misnomer, more like a stew), and the Bay Lo 7 Special. You're entering another world here.