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Aug 31, 2012 09:23 AM

Bainbridge Island Brunch?

Will be in town next week 9/5-9/10 for my first time visiting brother-in-law who just moved to Seattle. We'd like to visit Bainbridge and he has heard there are great brunch spots there.

Any specific recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Nola has a pretty good brunch, although I admit I haven't been there for a while. The best restaurants on the Island don't offer brunch unfortunately. I personally have never been impreseed with Steamliner

    1. Streamliner Diner ( is very popular among locals and has outdoor seating. Cafe Nola, as has been mentioned, is known for their brunch, though I haven't had it there for some time (I'm a Streamliner fan.) FWIW, Madison Diner ( was just named "Best Breakfast/Brunch on Bainbridge by the local newspaper, based on votes from readers (note: voters could vote online, and more than once). If it's a factor (i.e., you're walking on the ferry), Streamliner is the shortest walk; Madison Diner is the furthest (still, not that far).