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Aug 31, 2012 07:19 AM

Best North End Solid, Traditional, Boring Italian

I come from a family that loves Italian, but not the fancy kind. The only place I've found in the North End that meets this spaghetti-with-meatsauce description is Giacomo's, but they don't take reservations and are mostly seafood focused. I know the Sotuh End one is easier to get into.

Does anyone have any recommendations for this type of place, preferably that takes reservations? Gourmet Italian is lovely, but sometimes I just want a bowl of noodles and some red sauce.

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  1. I like l'Osteria on Salem Street. Smallish room with great red sauce Italian. Probably the best Veal Parm I've ever eaten, and that's saying some. A real bargain at lunch. And they do take reservations.

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      I'll chime in again for L'Osteria. Everyone from out of town we've ever taken there has been delighted with their meals. Solid food and service. Very accommodating to families and kids too.

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        L'Osteria all the way. Chicken Braciolatini (pounded thin, stuffed with proscuitto and fontina, rolled up and served in a wine sauce - or the valdostana version in a tomato sauce) served with a sie of pasta is about as classic ItAm as it gets.

    2. I like Cantina Italiana on Hanover Street - one of the oldest restaurants in the North End -

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        Yes, pretty good for that kind of thing.

      2. Agree with L'Osteria (I think L'Osteria Rustica is its full name?), maybe add La Summa. I think La Summa is on Fleet St, a few doors up from Prezza.

        Also agree with Cantina, provided at least one of you get their "wheel" pasta.

        1. L'Osteria is a reliable crowd-pleaser on this score; I'd add Massimino's to this list. Both take reservations.

          1. LoConte's on Salem Street