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Aug 31, 2012 06:47 AM

Polish market in DC-Baltimore area?

Does anyone know of a good polish market/deli in the area? I'm looking for some good kielbasa and pierogis, but not the generic, industrial Mrs. T's kind of stuff. Right now, my two sources are in Brooklyn and NE Pennsylvania.

Appreciate any leads.

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  1. In Baltimore there are three all within walking distance of each other. About a year ago we visited all three and bought some Keilbasa from each and Krakus was our favorite. The Ostrowskis are different from each other. I dont remember if any had perogies Krakus had a little market the other two were pretty much just the sausages if I remember correctly.

    Krakus Deli
    1737 Fleet Street Baltimore, MD 21231

    Ostrowski of Bank Street
    1801 Bank Street Baltimore, MD 21231

    Ostrowski Famous Polish Sausage
    524 S Washington St, Baltimore, MD 21283

    Have also been to the Kielbasa Factory in Rockville
    1073 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852
    They had a selection of various items and I know they had frozen perogies.

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      Second for Kielbasa Factory in Rockville. A pretty good selection of Polish and other Eastern European groceries (many imported), a wide selection of fresh and smoked sausages, and a fridge/freezer full of locally prepared specialties. They do occasionally have fresh pierogies, but they are usually frozen, though made locally.

      Excellent kielbasa.

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        Third for the Kielbasa Factory. I've had the fresh pierogies and they were very good.

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          Fourth Kielbasa Factory. It's a Polish Disneyland of kielbasa.

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          I love their pierogies and kielbasas, as well. The have a kielbasa heavily flavored with black pepper that is wonderful.

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          Krakus is great. It's also close to Sophia's. Here's an article about a few Bmore area options:

        4. I forgot this one in Baltimore. I have not been there yet though.

          My Polish Food Market
          6208 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21224

          1. Sophia's in Fells Point has a nice variety of sausages, including kielbasa, and pierogis.


            The Baltimore area has more Russian markets than Polish; however, these markets also have kielbasa and homemade pierogis.

            Euro Deli Super Store
            10520 Reisterstown Rd.
            Owings Mills, MD 21117
            Phone: 410-654-8660

            International Food Market
            6970 Reisterstown Rd.
            Baltimore, MD
            Phone: 410-358-4757

            6862 Reisterstown Rd.
            Baltimore, MD 21215
            Phone: 410-358-1981

            I shop all of the above and have always been satisfied with the quality and taste of both the deli and store-prepared foods.

            Regarding Ostrowski's, I prefer the Washington St. store. They have fresh, smoked and dried sausages.

            Just an FYI, the two Ostrowski's stores are separate entities. Different recipes at each store.

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              Sophia's (in Broadway Market) is great!

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                Third for Sophia's. I love that place.