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Aug 31, 2012 06:41 AM

Bountiful Baskets, CSA or similar?

I know there's great local produce in farmer's markets but I'm looking to get a weekly produce box to force me to vary my cooking and try new things. I've heard negative things about BB recently so i'm not interested in them specifically. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm in south Scottsdale but willing to drive 15-20 minutes for something good.

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  1. Check Maya's Farm. They are often at the Downtown Phx farmer's market on Saturday mornings. There's also Crooked Sky Farms. I don't participate in a CSA, so unfortunately can't offer any sort of review of either.

    1. I recently joined North Scottsdale Organics and have been really happy so far. I don't know how south they offer pickups though. You can check out their website here:

      1. I'm also interested in this, though I'm in central Phoenix. Any reviews for a CSA with pickups in the cenPho area?

        1. I just discovered Chow Locally. It seems pretty great; you pay per week (about $21.00 or so) and then pick up your box of local produce at one of their many pick-up locations. Since I just signed up, I can't attest to the quality of the fruits and veggies, but judging from the photographs, the produce seems really wonderful--lots of different organic, locally grown stuff. Plus they allow you to add eggs, free-range meat and other things to your order. You can suspend your order at anytime too-- kinda like Netflix for local produce! Here's their website:

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            That one looks great! Too bad they don't have a pickup in North Scottsdale/NE Phx.

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              Wow, so cool! Thanks for the reference! I'm giving it a try.

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                I was not a fan of and their service. The produce you get is so little for the cost and the quality was nothing to write home about.

              2. I have been a CSA member of Desert Roots Farm (Queen Creek) for 9 years. I have grown so much as a home cook and veggie eater. I've always eaten tons of veggies, but always the same veggies! Not only can you pick up veggie boxes at various locations (Saturday only) DRF also does home/office delivery to most Valley areas (I'm in S Scottsdale as well). In the past few years, Kelly (the farmer/owner) has joined with local AZ organic farmers for chicken, cheese, dairy, beef, pork, and coffee producers. You can order weekly from the website to "add on" to your veggie box. If you're looking for new things to try you can't go wrong with Desert Roots Farm!