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Aug 31, 2012 06:01 AM

Side Salad. Big, and fast

Good morning. I'm supposed to be bringing a side dish to a barbeque for 100 tonight. I need something, big, fast, and easy.

My two thoughts were - head to St Lawrence Market and buy something you can put on a tray and eat with your fingers. Or - I heard that Costco had good side salads. (No potato salad though - already taken). Also, it's got to be ready to go - can't do anything frozen. Ideas? Please?

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  1. I imagine with some notice any prepared food place can put something together for you. I don't shop at Costco so I get comment on their products. My go to, easy to get, product is cheese. Go to Alex farms or The Cheese Boutique and get some quality cheeses and crackers.

    1. go to the local grocery and grab the diced fruit and make a fruit salad. On a hot day like today some nice juicy cold fruit would be great.

      how about a 3 bean or 4 bean or 5 bean salad? drain canned bins (how ever many varieties you'd like) for dressing add some curry powder to golden italian dressing....

      all those kraft kitchen ideas during the hockey game really pay off!

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        Some of the cheese places in the St. Lawrence Market also have prepared antipasto vegetable sides, stuffed grape leaves, olives and other nibbles. You could put together a gorgeous spread from that.

      2. It's too late for the OP, but for anyone else, maybe call a hot table type place like Camros and ask to buy an entire tray?