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Aug 30, 2012 09:24 PM

La Jolla and Del Mar

Heading to the San Diego area for my first visit this holiday weekend. We'll be staying in La Jolla, but the main event is a reserved table at the Del Mar racetrack. While my husband would prefer all lunches there, I'd like options to branch out.

We have dinner reservations already (Nine-Ten, Addison, and George's Modern), so mainly interested in lunch and craft cocktail recs in La Jolla. For lunches I was thinking (view-wise since all our dinners will be late when it's dark) one of the restaurants at La Valencia or George's Ocean Terrace. Or maybe some place in Del Mar close to the track like Jake's. If not going for a view - I'm thinking WhisknLadle or Herringbone. I also may spend one day at the hotel while my husband is at the track. Any thoughts on a spot that would be best for a solo sunset cocktail in walking distance of the Grande Colonial? TIA!

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  1. Solo sunset cocktail: La Sala at La Valencia, upstairs bar/outside lounge at Eddie V's, George's in the bar or upstairs at the Terrace Bar.

    Drop the lunch idea at La V, new owners have decimated the dining program except for the Sky Room. Was at WhisknLadle for lunch today. Food is good, but with the current temps it is really hot and humid on the almost totally enclosed patio (1 fan and no breeze). Although, I will say they have a pretty strong craft cocktail bar.

    I would suggest a lunch in the open roof lounge at Herringbone. Prices are reasonable, craft cocktails, great atmosphere (much better deal than dinner at the same venue).

    Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    1. Oh, I forgot. Eddie V's is now serving lunch on their two outside patios (the lover level is more intimate and has better views) on Saturdays and well as Monday on this holiday weekend. Highly recommend - but call and make a reservation (including your lower level request).

      1. Thanks so much, very helpful!

        Dropping La V per your advice and lunching at Herringbone. I'm already thinking oysters and the clam pizza with bone marrow, while my husband is eyeing the lobster roll. Now that you mention it, he had suggested Eddie V's because he had been to that spot when it was the Chart House and says it has a gorgeous view. And I think I'm leaning towards one lunch with a view in Del Mar before the track, most likely Jake's....

        Very much looking forward to my first trip to San Diego. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

        1. Hi Rubee!
          You've never been to SD...Wow, you are going to love it coming from PHX!
          Foodiechica gave you fab advice..

          Eddie V's for lunch or dinner, George's ocean terrace for casual or George's Modern for fancy..3 tiered is great too.
          Drinks at Marine Room in LJ Shores..
          The Shores on the patio for lunch or dinner..oceanfront at LJ Beach and Tennis
          Cusp at Hotel La Jolla
          Cheese Shop for deli sandwich if you're swimming at the beach..Jeff's burger too.
          Piatti's for lunch in the Shores
          AR Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines

          Have breakfast on the back ocean patio at La V....drinks at the Whaling Bar.. (before they make it a Sports bar..bastards)

          Flavor Del Mar or Kitchen 1540 at L'Auberge Del Mar..
          I might be at the DMTC playing the ponies this weekend...crazy on Labor Day...loved to say HI.
          Red Tracton's across from the track is old school and oyster bar at the Fish not eat at the restaurant.
          Tony Jacal's past the Fish Market is fab for margs and Mex.

          I would cruise the 101 from LJ to Carlsbad and into Rancho Santa Fe and stop at Chino's at the famous 'vegetable stand'. where all the top chefs get their veggies.
          Delicias, Mille Fleur and the Inn at RSF are of the prettiest places.
          Roberto's taco shop on Carmel Valley rd or 101 in Solana Beach has decent taco shop grub.

          Have fun Rubee and I was in your town last week at the Princess..Bourbon Steak was great.

          1. The two best ladies in town just fixed you up. You're set.

            I will say, that my first thought is the madness of what you'll face, crowd-wise in La Jolla and Del Mar this weekend. (You may love it. I don't.) For that reason, you might consider a lunch or drink on the terrace of the Lodge at Torrey Pines (A R Valentien) since it's right between LJ and DM, and you'll be driving right past. Also, excellent place for a solo diner. Just you and the torrey pines.