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Aug 30, 2012 09:15 PM

One last question...

Any ideas on where to eat a late night snack and grab a drink in northeast Portland on a Sunday? Probably wouldn't get there until 10:30pm at the earliest (plane lands at 9:30). I saw Ned Ludd is open but thought that it may be a bit late to order food. Thanks!

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  1. That's a toughie. NE is a vast area. More specific?
    In any case, make sure you call on the way there to confirm they are actually serving food. Don't trust their posted hours late on a Sunday.
    Kennedy School might be (just) OK in a pinch even though the food is not so hot, also Lompoc 5th Quandrant, Lompoc Sidebar, White Eagle Saloon. Slim pickings to be sure.

    Have a fun visit. Please report back!

    1. In Ne Portland late night:

      Barwares is open until 2 am. I really like the food here. It's one of the better new restaurants in Portland IMO. I don't know how to define the food but according to them "We serve small plates of inauthentic asian cuisine." I went there the other day and was pretty much blown away by everything the table ordered and we ordered pretty much everything. Very flavourful stuff. Nice Sake list and bar too.

      Also on Sunday it looks like Grain and Gristle serves food until 12:00 am. They have an excellent bar with really thoughtful beers on tap and good cocktails. Their food is also really good, kind of like a good "Gastropub" menu. You can't go wrong at either place in NE Portland.

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        I am embarrassed to say I ended up going to a horrible, florescent lit bar next door to my hotel. There were 2 creepy guys at the bar, but the martini was fine and my chicken quesadilla was not horrible. I was just too tired...