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Aug 30, 2012 08:23 PM

How should lid fit on charcoal grill?

I just bought my first charcoal grill - a Rosle Kettle Grill. Smoke escapes from under the lid when it is closed, even with both vents open. Is this to be expected, or should the lip be fitting more tightly? Thanks for any input.

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  1. I have an old Weber 27 inch and smoke only comes out the vent in the lid. Completely closing bottom and top vents to extinguish the coals and there may be a wisp or two leaking but none that I can recall.

    1. I've had Weber and knock-off kettle grills. I don't recall a lot of smoke sneaking past the lid. Maybe a few wisps..

      For your grill, does it look like a dry ice experiment or a fog machine? Maybe grill or lid is out of round where there's a larger gap between the two.

      1. Never heard of that one. In my Weber, and my old weber knock-off, almost nothing escaped from the lip...and neither were exactly a precision fit. A tinfoil gasket will fix you up pretty quickly

        1. I've got a Weber Smokey Mountain, so there is plenty of smoke, but little if any excapes from the area where the lid meets the sides. Does it feel loose, that is, can you move it back and forth on the bottom half of the kettle? Can you check others at the store where you got it? It shouldn't leak much if at all.