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Dec 15, 2004 10:11 AM

San Diego

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I would appreciate recommendations for dining in San Diego. I am especially interested in a good deli, seafood in Seaport Village, Italian, Dim
Sum, anything near our hotel in Little Italy, and any places that we shouldn't miss. We're looking forward to spending about five days in San Diego in February with a car. Thank you for your suggestions.

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    1. Mona Lisa's in Little Italy has a sandwich thats good. Point Loma Seafoods cannot be missed. sorry so late to your post

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        Try a calimari sandwich at Point Loma Seafood. Tender squid steak, good bread, simple but delicious. Doubt you'll find it in Boise. And the atmosphere at PLS is great. On the water, lots of people, fun walking neighborhood to look at boats.

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          At Mona Lisa they have a great sandwiches. the Number 11, Caprese is fantastic, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and fresh tomato with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is one of the freshest foods one can eat on a hot day.
          I am not a fan of Fillippis unless you like overly thick tomato sauce and pizza that is unremarkable. If forced to go, as I have been in the past. I order one of two items, spaghetti with olive oil and garlic or shells with peas. I am indifferent about peas but the Shells with peas is very good/a light white sauce with roasted onions in a large bowl. Very good with parmesean cheese.
          Also Mona Lisa i think has a better deli section with larger selection

        2. If your hotel is in Little Italy, you'll find plenty of great food within walking distance. There's Louisiana Food Shoppe with great Southern food, creole, fish dishes and po' boy sandwiches..typical NOLA food. There's Chinese at China Camp, Po Pazzo's for steaks, Sushi Fix for sushi, and some of the best dessert, bistro's/cafes and coffee places in San Diego are clustered in a 4 block radius of Little Italy. Enjoy!

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            1. You will have plenty of fine choices right in Little Italy - all within walking distance. But one place that doesn't get a lot of print is Pete's Quality Meat. Right on India Street (Little Italy's main street): Outstanding sandwiches in a friendly, low-key atmosphere. And the guy behind the counter? that's Pete. A true carnivore's paradise at very reasonable prices. Closed Sunday (as I found out the hard way...).

              Indigo Grill (also on India) is terrific. A great menu that never disappoints. It may be in Little Italy, but this is not an Italian restaurant instead focusing on Pacific (Mexico to Alaska)flavors. Deborah Scott (Chef/Partner) is a wizard completely deserving of every award. The service, while typically relaxed San Diego style, is adequate. The restaurant itself is gorgeous.

              Of course there's plenty of Italian. Increasingly, it's more high-end, but Filippi's is a classic old style Italian Restaurant with an Italian market in front (again, on India). Simple, sturdy food at prices that will make you smile. Red-checkered tablecloths, bottles of Chianti hanging from the ceiling, they've been at this location for something like 50 years and I doubt the decor has changed much, but neither has the quality. Family owned and operated, you'll feel (and taste) the love. The line starts forming about 6:30.

              Stay away from Grab and Go Deli, after a sandwich there, Grab and Go is what you'll have to do...

              Welcome to San Diego. Hope you have a wonderful time.