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Aug 30, 2012 07:20 PM

fishermans wharf

I stayed there (free hotel) and despite all warnings had two dinners in the area. I was very pleasantly surprised by boudin bakery cafe (upstairs) and Scoma's. Both had good, fresh, well prepared seafood. Better than the Slanted Door

Gary Danko's was good but, sheesh! Good dinner but the ratio of enjoyment to price was.... Maybe I just need to be rich

I also had a great lunch at Brandy Ho's in Chinatown and a not-so-great but-not-bad dinner at Fog City Diner. And la taqueria in the Mission was good and a blessing for the wallet after Gary Danko's.

Many thanks to Chowhound for the tips

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  1. I'm glad you tried the upstairs at Boudin. I've been curious. Great view and clean restrooms. Anything in particular that you really enjoyed? When guests insist on going to FW I need to have options!

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      The oysters were nice and fresh, the fish tacos were good and the halibut was very good. And the bread is very good. Nothing terribly fancy or creative, but good quality and good value - much better prices than the other area restaurants. As you say the view is nice, and it really is clean -- walking upstairs is like stepping into another, much nicer neighborhood.