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Aug 30, 2012 06:47 PM

Problem steaming fish -- bottom side doesn't cook

The title says it all. When I steam fish, the top side is fully cooked and the bottom side is virtually raw. Clearly, I need to get more steam to the bottom side. I tried raising the fish on chopsticks, but that wasn't enough. What is your technique for ensuring two-sided steaming?

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  1. A metal plate will help, though not traditional.
    I use a Ceramic plate and I have never had the Plate side stay raw.
    Could you explain your process? Perhaps you are missing something.

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    1. re: chefj

      I've tried two times. Second time: Stuff belly of striped bass with garlic and scallions. (Not too thick but maybe obstructing steam?) Put fish on top of chopsticks on convex plate (hoping to direct steam to under side of fish). Steam for 9-10 minutes. Top side is fully cooked, if anything over cooked. Bottom side is raw.

      1. re: twyst

        I did that today as a secondary solution, but it wasn't good for the fish. Hopefully there's another way?

      2. I've never had this problem. But try this.

        Put a shallow bowl on a large plate. Fill the bowl with a bit of water. Place the fish over the bowl. Then put everything (plate, bowl, and fish) into your steamer. Then steam. Should solve the problem.