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Aug 30, 2012 06:49 PM

Can someone explain Urbanspoon to me?

I hope I'm posting in the right place. My husband and I are very confused trying to use Urbanspoon to find restaurants. Right now we're trying to find a good Indian restaurant (cheap to mid-range) in the Atlanta area. First, we don't understand why the restaurants aren't listed by rating--I mean, shouldn't it be obvious that you'd want to find restaurants by top picks rather than by location or alphabetically? And then when we do check restaurants that seem to have a relatively high rating, most of the reviews are bad. And the reviews aren't in order either (date-wise), which is totally confusing. Makes it impossible to decide on anything. Are we not understanding how to use it? Is there a better place to look for restaurant reviews? (Chowhound in the South doesn't get much action as far as boards go.)

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    1. Couple quick points.

      1. Location matters a lot to people, certainly in a large metro area like Atlanta and my home, the DC metro area. Now, within a given location, I'd certainly list places by rating, not alphabetically. I'd submit feedback on that point.

      2. The ratings for restaurants on Urbanspoon are just Like/Don't Like. It's not surprising that many actual reviews would be negative, since it's always the case that people who are unhappy with a place are more likely to take the time to write. If a place has, say, a 95% Like rating, with a good number of voters, I'd give that more credence than one or two negative reviews of that place. But YMMV.