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Aug 30, 2012 05:16 PM


Great BOGO at Publix on figs from California.. Other than salads and cereal, what can I do with all of these beautiful , perishable fruits? Do figs freeze well? Thanks Florida fans

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  1. Yeah, we had to pick some up. Figs freeze pretty well. We just peel them, stick them in plastic bags, force out all of the air, and drop them in the freezer.

    As for a good fig recipe, here's a good one we've done for a get-together.
    Fig, bacon, and goat cheese pizza

    I've subbed blue, hoop, farmers cheese, and also fresh basil (instead of arugula) on it.

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      What do you do with frozen figs after thawing? Can you eat them raw, or is the texture affected so that they are only good cooked?

      1. re: almond tree

        You can eat them raw; but once they thaw, the texture will go mushy.

        My wife likes using them for baking and sauces. I personally like to use the thawed out figs to make smoothies with.

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          Fig sauce sounds good. I buy figs in baskets at the market -- often the top layer is meltingly ripe & delicious, the bottom less so. I've wondered what to cook with those sub-par figs. Thanks for the idea.

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            Wow, thanks..would never think to freeze them. All great ideas. Grilled some this evening and had them with good vanilla ice cream..Yum..

      2. I've bought all four varieties of figs at Publix so far: black mission (our favorite), brown turkey, kadota, and sierra. All delicious, though. I like to cut them in half, put a little goat cheese on them, and wrap them in a paper-thin slice of prosciutto. My wife likes a little dollop of local honey on hers. I look forward to fig season all year, especially when they finally go on sale!

        1. Dunno babe I was in Publix yesterday and walked quickly by those fig i would have bought them if I knew they were half price anyways semi-irrelevant to me because I have some (2 varieties) growing in me garden along with mangoes, bananas etc waiting 2013 for the muscadines to come in

          1. I LOVE fig preserves so that would be my suggestion.