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Aug 30, 2012 04:42 PM

Norfolk County - In particular around Long Point?

Planning a trip out that way this long weekend. Anyone have suggestion on a dinner spot? I am good with casual/take out type spots too. Just want something good for what it is. For example, I saw mention that there is good fish and chips in the area but not sure of particular worthy spots to try? If it is in season for Lake Erie fish then that would be an option. Otherwise, just something good.

Saw this list on their website:

Also found this link with some culinary destinations :


Wondering about places like "Blue Elephant" or the other places that come up a lot. I would rather go for something good regardless of type of cuisine (i.e. I dont' have to have a curry if what I will get there is just "good" for the area but nothing special compared to Toronto).

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  1. Several restaurants in Norfolk County (Long Point) support local food:

    Blue Elephant in Simcoe has great outdoor patio and is about to launch its own brew.
    Causeway Restaurant in Long Point is right near the beach
    Erie Beach Hotel in Port Dover has excellent perch and other comfort foods - try to Terrace Room
    Normandale Century Inn is casual, in a hamlet between Port Dover and Long Point

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      For what it's worth...Causeway has no liquor license. I think Longpoint area is a weird "dry" section of the county. It's a great place, though.

      I haven't tried much at the Blue Elephant other than the beer and wings, but the menu looks like they're trying. Just keep your expectations in check. It's a pub in a town (Simcoe) where locals aren't really demanding the best, but I think that's changing.

      I havent' been to Erie Beach, but Knechtel's is more casual and the fried perch is addictive (albeit a little pricey). If you order inside, you get salad bar for the same price.

      One of the great things about Longpoint/Norfolk is the fruit and vegetable stands at the side of the road. So much produce is grown there, and this year with all the heat, the quality has been outstanding.

      On your way back, I'd suggest stopping at one of the local butchers. Townsend, VG Meats or De Konincks. they have good product and better prices than in Toronto. My in-laws are from there and we usually stock up. Townsend peperettes are amazing.

    2. Thanks for the responses, and thanks to grandgourmand for lowering my expectations :) We ended up with Blue Elephant after a great day a the beach. Overall it was decent/good food but not "destination" type of food. Had the Green Thai Curry and the Fish and Chips. It was nice that they were a pub and open later because we didn't eat until 9ish. What I did really enjoy was their beer. It was the first time they started serving their IPA and I got a "sample" glass.