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Aug 30, 2012 04:41 PM

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream: ISO Recipe

Haagen-Daz has a Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream that is really good, a lighter chocolate base with creamy peanut butter swirls (and no intrusive chunks of grainy, frozen chocolate--my personal ice cream pet peeve).

The on-line recipes I found for this combo seem to go one of two ways. Either the base is a chocolate peanut butter mixture and then the suggestion is to add commercial peanut butter cups, e.g. Reeses. Or they are plain chocolate base with regular pb added, as is, either late in the ice cream freezing process or right at the end so it remains a swirl...but would it? would it not be too hard to mix with semi-freddo base?

The latter is closer to what I seek, but it is clear that HD, in their infinite wisdom have done something to their pb swirl to make it retain creaminess (not frozen grittiness that I fear from experience with previous frozen pb treats).

Any ice cream experimenters out there who have tried something like this? My ice cream maker is a Bosch if that makes any difference...not everyone loves theirs, apparently, but mine has yet to let me down.

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  1. To replicate the Haagan-Daz PB-chocolate ice cream, add the peanut butter midway through your ice cream churning process.

    1. First, I would guess there would need to be something added to the peanut butter to keep it from freezing solid, like corn syrup. Second, based on my experience working in an ice cream parlor, I don't think peanut butter can be swirled in during the churning process. It would MIX in, rather than SWIRL in. What we did was put some chocolate into the container, then drizzle some peanut butter (a lot, really), then chocolate, then peanut butter, etc. When you scoop, you end up with a swirl.

      And if you can't get it quite right, rest assured that David Lebocvitz's chocolate peanut butter ice cream is fantastic.
      SO rich.

      1. Thank you both...I think considering the ingredients, I can afford to experiment...can always turn it into a pie plate and pour hot chocolate sauce over all if it goes wrong. Guests will forgive you anything if there is enough hot fudge sauce!

        I am going to adulterate the pb with a good dose of corn syrup and add at the end for one batch, but leave pb plain and add midway with the second and see if it has the inner integrity to maintain a swirl.. Have not checked out Lebovitz on the subject yet, but will do so.