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Aug 30, 2012 04:11 PM

Definitave Last Word on Steaks....salt or no?

I have a couple rib eyes for this weekend. I was planning on salting them and leaving them uncovered in the fridge from Friday night until I grill them on Saturday night. Is that still the conventional wisdom? I know there are many threads/cans of worms on this topic but I am looking for the bottom line. Is there one?

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  1. The last word is that there are several schools of thought on this, and it's pretty much a matter of preference.

    1. I hope you'll salt one and not the other and let us know what happens!

      1. Im in the no camp when it comes to salting the day before for steaks. I find I get best results by liberally seasoning steaks right before cooking them. YMMV

        I am also not a fan of leaving portioned steaks out uncovered in the fridge. Primals are ok because you are going to trim off most of the part thats going to get a bit leathery, but portioned proteins uncovered overnight is not something I like to do (except duck breasts and thats because its the skin that is in contact with the air)

        1. I season and place in a bag I can seal. The seasonings I use tend to have some salt in them. I don't think I would leave the food uncovered and I tend to season them in the morning if I can.

          1. You need to look towards Alton Brown or ATK/Cooks Illustrated for the real answer.

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              Alton Brown is an excellent teacher. I like knowing why a technique or recipe works. I am looking forward to his next new show.

              His steak technique that I like:

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                yep, alton explains why you want to do it for a while, but not too long.

                here is a video, but he doesnt explain here either:

                its been driving my mom crazy. she was raised in a no salting house, but she really likes alton brown. she just can't bring herself to salt an expensive piece of meat before she cooks it.