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Aug 30, 2012 03:39 PM

Maine - 2 nights in Southwest Harbor and a drive up to Nahmakanta Lake

Hi, I'm a Los Angeles hound and am going to a wedding in mid-September at Nahmakanta Lake. On the way there the girlfriend and I will be spending a night in Portland - reservation at Fore St. - then spending two nights in Southwest Harbor exploring that general vicinity - then driving to the lake via Bangor on a Friday - driving back to Boston, via Portland, on the following Monday.

Any recommendations for around Southwest Harbor or the drive through Bangor up to the Lake - I-95 to a bit north of Bangor to (a little north of Old Town) -ME-16 (Brownville) to ME-11 - would be very welcome. Thanks.

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  1. For Mt Desert, I'd strongly suggest driving from Southwest to Bar Harbor to dine at Mache Bistro. You'll probably get some recs for Red Sky in SW Harbor, but we ate there last month and were not very impressed: pretense is better than performance. North of Bangor, fuggedaboutit!

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      Thanks. What about lunch in Bangor? (Every time I type "Bangor" I throw a K in there by mistake, turning it into Bangkok. Sheesh. I do know some good lunch places in Bangkok, but that won't do me any good in Maine.

    2. We love Red Sky. Also in SW Harbor....Fiddler's Green, XYZ, and Sips.