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Aug 30, 2012 03:34 PM

Artifact Coffee in Hampden gives me a warm glow

Artifact Coffee on In Union Mill on Union Ave is a low key, lower priced offshoot of Woodberry Kitchen. I've had some outstanding food there: a pepper, ham hock and bean soup with deep porky flavor; a simple cantaloupe juice that spoke to careful choosing of the melons; and today, an open faced tomato sandwich that was so much more: wonderful multi-flavored heirloom tomatoes, homemade mayo, basil oil and cress on crunchy spelt bread. One of my top ten sandwiches in memory.
I had one dish I didn't like: a mono-flavored Asian noodle and tofu salad. I didn't complain about it, but the server was concerned and offered me another salad for free, which was delicious. Ingredients are local and home grown which means that prices are not cheap, and the menu is limited. But it's definitely worth checking out. And don't neglect their chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. One of the better breakfast sandwiches I've had. Homemade english muffin, sage sausage and a very funky, aged cheddar. Great hot and iced coffee to boot.