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Aug 30, 2012 02:56 PM

Group dinner of 35 - Prefer foodie destination

I'm hosting a dinner event for about 35 people and am looking for suggestions for restaurants. I much much prefer foodie places as opposed to "view" places. I like innovative cuisine and price isn't really an issue.

Cafe Juanita would be perfect but their room only holds 30.

I'm not a fan of the Daniel's Broiler/El Gaucho/Seastar types of places. Although it's good food, it's not quite what I'm looking for. Ditto for Ray's.

I've obviously thought of Canlis as well, but I don't <love> their food. I like Chef Franey's modernization of the menu, and I may end up at Canlis, but am looking for something less cliche.

Thanks for any ideas....

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  1. The private room at Local 360 should be able to hold that many people.

    1. There's a private dining room at Staple & Fancy that sounds like what you are looking for.

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      1. re: Lauren

        Or, for another Stowell restaurant, the communal table at Tavolata?

      2. both STEELHEAD DINER and BLUEACRE SEAFOOD have private dining rooms and the skills of kevin davis - tom douglas offers PALACE BALLROOM but 35 may not be a large enough party for that huge space and the menu would have to be banquet-syle rather than a la carte.

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          Tom Douglas' Dahlia Lounge has a room that will accomodate 35.