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Aug 30, 2012 01:23 PM

Need recommendations for Anniversary dinner this Saturday

The hubby and I decided last minute to head to Vegas this weekend. I usually have more time to research so I am asking the board for help.

I am looking for someplace romantic for our anniversary dinner Saturday night. He wants a bone-in ribeye and I am a foodie who loves tasting menus. We won't be bringing anything fancy to wear so the casual side of business casual is the best we can do. We are staying at the Palazzo.

He just about had a heart attack when I told him the prices at Carnevino. I think he will remain standing if the entire bill comes to $200 - $250 (or less) with wine (wine by the glass is fine as we aren't huge drinkers). I have been to many of Mario's place in Manahattan so would like to try something else. We have both been to Spago (great tasting menu), Emeril's fish place at MGM years ago (bad experience), and Nobu (disappointing). A "famous" chef is not required, but it would be fun to try someone new.

So, to summarize, romantic, not insanely expensive, business casual, make the ribeye eater happy as well as the foodie. Maybe a good place for ribeye that also has a good selection of small plates and wine by the glasss?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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  1. Sage would be great for you on the tasting menu. They don't do bone-in ribeye but they do new york strip and also braised wagyu cheeks. The requirement for bone-in ribeye may leave you stuck with steakhouses and missing out on an interesting tasting menu.

    1. The ribeye at Aureole is pretty good and is more interesting than just a hunk of meat.
      Sit in the Swan Court and it's 3 course for $85.
      Also includes a side, amuse, and ice cream/sorbets with dessert.
      The room is romantic if you consider swans cruising by outside the windows romantic.

      You can usually find $50 certs for under $5.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        The menu at Sage may be a little challenging for the hubby. I get a blank stare when I mention cheeks. But the lounge menu has a couple of things he likes(oysters and humboldt fog cheese), so maybe a good choice for a snack sometime while we're there.

        Not sure about how romantic swans are, but the tasting menu looks like something that isn't too boring for me and not too challenging for him. We usually avoid prix fixe because neither of us are big dessert people. That might be a winner.

        I was looking at the Fleur menu. It seems more casual, probably not romantic, but looks like we could both find something we like among the small plates.

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          He might like the braised oxtail too (particularly if you just call it beef stew) - you can get the bar appetizers and the full menu in the bar area. It's a little open but the staff are very friendly and it is smart and comfortable.